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Does Whole Foods Drug Test?

The company is known for its progressive attitude, but does that progressiveness extend to the Whole Foods hiring policy? Does Whole Foods drug test job applicants?

Let’s find out!

Whole Foods is a high-end supermarket chain that offerers employees a great working environment along with a competitive benefits package.

If you’ve got a passion for organic foods, specialty cheeses, or fine wines, then you’ll make an ideal Whole Foods employee.

Does Whole Foods Drug Test During The Hiring Process For Team Members?

Does Whole Foods Drug Test

You’ll be glad to know that Whole Foods does not require applicants for team member positions to pass a drug test as part of the hiring process.

This makes the retailer pretty unusual because most large companies ask candidates to take a drug test.

Whole Foods’ lack of pre-employment drug testing is even more unusual because the supermarket chain was acquired by Amazon in 2017, and Amazon does drug test all job applicants.

It’s impossible to say if Whole Foods will have a change of heart to align itself with wider Amazon policy in the future, but for now, you can apply for a job at Whole Foods without worrying about how you’re going to pass a drug test.

There is a downside to this lack of drug testing, however, as some employees have found. Because there’s no drug testing, Whole Foods is something of a magnet for individuals who take drugs and don’t want to go through the hassle of a drug test.

This includes people who intend to work even though they’re high.

If store management turns a blind eye to some employees slacking off while impaired, then it’s down to everyone else to muck in and make sure all the work gets done. And of course, there’s no extra pay involved.

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Is There A Drug Test For Amazon Whole Food Shoppers?

Amazon Whole Food shoppers are employed by Amazon, not Whole Foods. Yes, Whole Foods is owned by Amazon, but it’s still a separate company and retains some of its own policies, which are different from Amazon’s policies.

While Whole Foods does not require a pre-employment drug test, Amazon has a policy of drug testing all job applicants.

Even though you’ll be working inside a Whole Foods supermarket, you’ll be subject to Amazon’s policies.

Does Whole Foods Distribution Center Drug Test?

Does Whole Foods Distribution Center Drug Test?

If your job at the distribution center will involve operating heavy machinery, like a forklift, for example, then you should expect a drug test because this is considered a safety-sensitive role.

Truck drivers will also have to pass a drug test if the vehicle they will drive requires the operator to hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Warehouse work is fast-paced and often dangerous. You’ll need to keep your wits about you to avoid all the vehicles zipping around moving heavy loads.

Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol in a warehouse environment puts you at risk of serious injury, and you’ll risk the safety of your coworkers too.

Does Whole Foods Carry Out Employee Drug Testing?

Whole Foods reserves the right to drug test employees, and you agree to any required drug testing when you sign your employment contract.

The circumstances that could lead to a drug test at Whole Foods are when an employee appears to be under the influence of drugs, and when an employee is involved in an accident that causes injury to themselves or others.

Reasonable Cause Drug Testing

Appearing to be under the influence of drugs at work could lead to a reasonable cause drug test. A manager would have grounds to drug test an employee for reasons including:

  • Slurred speech
  • Smelling of drugs or alcohol
  • Falling asleep
  • Being unable to follow instructions
  • Aggressive or emotional outbursts
  • Paranoia
  • Unsteady movement

Post Accident Drug Testing

If you have an accident while you’re at work, you could face a drug test. A drug test is more likely if you have an injury or cause injury to another person that requires off-site medical attention. And if it’s an injury that could result in a workers’ comp claim, you’ll need to take a drug test.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Whole Foods Use?

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Whole Foods Use?

If you’re ever asked to take a drug test at Whole Foods, you’ll take a urine test. Tests take place at a nearby facility rather than at your workplace.

When you arrive for your drug test, an attendant will give you a sample cup and tell you how much urine you need to provide. It’s usually around 45ml for most urine tests.

The sample collection is private, and no one will observe you while you use the bathroom.

You’ll need to complete a consent form that gives permission for the testing lab to share your drug test results with Whole Foods.

Once that’s done, your sample will be sent to a lab for analysis.

If you’re wondering if you can cheat the drug test, the answer is no, not without careful preparation beforehand.

Even though you won’t be watched while you produce your urine sample, you won’t be able to dilute the sample with water. The toilet bowl will have dye in the water, and the water to the washbasin will be shut off.

You shouldn’t attempt to dilute your sample beforehand by drinking excessive amounts of water either. At the lab, they’ll check your sample for adulteration in a number of ways. One test they run measures the creatine level in your sample.

Normal urine has a specific creatine level, and if your sample falls below that level, your sample will be rejected because of tampering. If this happens, you’ll fail the drug test.

What Drugs Does Whole Foods Test For?

The lab will screen your urine sample for common drugs using a 5-panel drug test. The drugs screened for are:

  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamines and methamphetamine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

If you test positive for any of these substances, then it’s grounds for dismissal.

Can You Use Medical Marijuana At Whole Foods?

Technically, the answer is no because you would be under the influence of drugs while working, and that’s against company policy.

In practice, it’s going to depend on your store management. Employees report that managers at some stores turn a blind eye to clearly stoned employees (medical or recreational), while others will order a drug test.

The only way to know is to ask a friend to go to the store you plan to work at and have them ask some of the employees.

Once you’re hired, you’ll be able to gauge for yourself what the attitude is in your store. But keep in mind that if your manager wanted a reason to fire you, they would have one if you appeared to be high and tested positive.

Even though medical marijuana is legal in many states now, it’s still illegal at the federal level, where it’s classified as a schedule 1 drug. When states passed medical marijuana laws, they neglected to adequately address the legality of workplace use.

As laws in this area are being updated, you should check the latest developments in your state or city, so you’re fully aware of your rights.

You might find it interesting to know that Whole Foods and Amazon have both expressed an interest in selling marijuana as soon as laws allow them to do so. Amazon is actively lobbying in Washington for the full legalization of marijuana.

Drugs are only a problem until they sense an opportunity to profit from selling them it seems.

How about medical marijuana at Whole Foods distribution centers? Because of the safety-sensitive nature of many warehouse roles, medical marijuana use is unlikely to be tolerated.

And if you’re a CDL driver, then the answer is 100% no. As a CDL holder, you’re subject to regular testing, and a positive result for any drug will mean that you can’t drive until you’ve completed a lengthy and expensive Return To Duty Protocol.

CDL drug testing is a federal requirement, and it’s regulated by the federal Department of Transportation.

Your state may have legalized medical marijuana, but currently, as far as the federal government is concerned, no proven medical benefit has been demonstrated for marijuana and it remains a prohibited substance.

Even if your state amends its laws to allow workplace medical marijuana, your CDL would be at risk because of the Department of Transportation rules concerning drug testing.

Does Whole Foods Conduct Drug Test? Quick Recap

The majority of Whole Foods jobs are team member positions in Whole Foods supermarkets. You won’t need to pass a pre-employment drug test if you apply for one of these positions.

If you apply for a distribution center job, then a drug test is more likely, and if you apply for a driving job that requires a CDL, then a drug test is a certainty.

Once you become a Whole Foods employee, you could face a drug test if you appear to be under the influence of drugs while you’re at work. You could also be asked to take a drug test if you’re injured in a workplace accident or cause an injury to another staff member or customer.

If you need to take a drug test, you’ll need to submit a urine sample, and your sample will be tested at a lab for opiates, cocaine, amphetamines and methamphetamine, marijuana, and phencyclidine.

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