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List of Companies That Don’t Drug Test

Comprehensive lists of Companies That Don’t Drug Test. Do you classify as a recreational drug user? If so, you should know the risks of utilizing illicit drugs, even if it is only recreationally.

Whether you are looking for employment or employed part- or full-time, recreational drug use is risky.

Without an income, it is difficult to survive in the modern world. However, some people refuse to give up their drug use to earn a regular paycheck. Since income is the difference between being financially broke or comfortable.

Did you know it is possible to have the best of both worlds? It is as long as you know where to start your job search, you can succeed on all levels. A list of companies that do not drug test is listed in the content below.

List of Companies That Don’t Drug Test in 2024

Companies That Don’t Drug Test

Your job search should always start with employers that do not conduct pre-employment drug screening. Many workers utilize alcohol and/or drugs in their downtime. This does not necessarily mean these individuals are addicted, it just means they enjoy using drugs and alcohol periodically.

There is a major difference between someone who is drug or alcohol-dependent and someone who is addicted. As more and more US states adopt laws to decriminalize cannabis, employers are beginning to rethink their hiring processes.

Benefits Of Removing Drug Screening From the Hiring Process

Before 2012, most American employers relied on drug tests to screen job applicants. The pre-employment drug screen was a vital component of the hiring process in the United States for decades. Today, this is no longer the case.

In 2012, two US states – Washington and Colorado – passed regulations to legalize cannabis on a recreational level. About 34 states followed suit over the past decade. Companies operating in these states are working quickly to change their hiring process by eliminating the drug screen.

What are the perks of not having to undergo a pre-employment drug screen? Knowing a drug test is in your future as a job seeker can be stressful. It can also cause paranoia for people who are classified as recreational drug users.

With mixed emotions about pre-employment drug screens, some job seekers may opt to look elsewhere. How does this impact employers that are in dire need of new workers? It is impacting their ability to draw in qualified job applicants.

In other words, a pre-employment drug screen creates a barrier between employers and qualified job seekers. While this is not always the case, with the decriminalization of cannabis, it is beginning to look that way more every day.

Eliminating the drug test from the hiring process also opens more opportunities for job seekers. If you have your mindset on living freely without an employer saying you cannot utilize drugs or alcohol in your own time. You would definitely not subject yourself to a hiring process, with a drug screen.

Entry-Level Positions – No Pre-Employment Drug Screen

Housekeeper – $23,000 Annual Salary

Most people have housekeeping skills. Mopping, sweeping, dusting, window washing, and carpet cleaning are just a few examples of housekeeping skills.

Even if you do not have any such skills, you should consider becoming a housekeeper. Commercial organizations like hotels, motels, and chalet rentals hire people to clean their properties.

Homeowners like seniors, full-time parents, and workers also hire housekeepers. If you believe your housekeeping skills are good enough to get paid, you should apply to your local hotels.

Many hotels are constantly looking for new housekeepers to add to their workforce. Plus, the pay is fairly decent as well.

Housekeeping responsibilities include:

  • Sweeping
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Replacing bedding and towels
  • Polishing furniture
  • Window cleaning
  • Refill soap, shampoo, and conditioner
  • Visually inspect for signs of deterioration
  • Report missing linen and bath towels
  • Clean shower, bathtub, lavatory, and toilet

Dog Walker – $23,000 Annual Salary

Do you love dogs and puppies? If so, your dream job may be a dog walker. Individuals hire people to walk their dogs several hours a week.

Some have their canines walked daily. Dog walking in America is a decent job that does not require a pre-employment drug screen.

Applying to become a dog walker does not require any special skills or training. You just need to adore animals and provide proof of competency to the owners.

You can also apply through dog walker apps if you cannot reach owners personally.

Companies That May Not Drug Test

Companies That May Not Drug Test

The majority of companies will drug test applicants before hiring them. However, some may not drug test. Individuals using drugs should apply for jobs with these companies.

It is wise to begin taking steps to stop using drugs. After all, you could be drug tested in the future. If you fail, you’ll lose your job and have to start all over again. The following companies may not drug test workers.

1. Chipotle

You might’ve eaten at a Chipotle restaurant in the past. The company is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the United States. It employs more than 64,000 Americans.

Surprisingly, the company may not drug test. It is one of the largest restaurants that doesn’t drug test its workers.

If you want to get a job at your local Chipotle, you can likely do so without having to pass a drug test. Just remember that random drug tests are possible.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the most influential tech companies in the world. Most people have used the company’s software at some point.

With that being said, you should go above and beyond to get a high-paying job at Microsoft. You’ll be glad that you did since your job will be stable and you’ll receive outstanding benefits.

While many people don’t realize it, Microsoft is one of the many companies that doesn’t drug test applicants. While it could use random drug tests, Microsoft does not drug test during the pre-employment procedure.

3. Starbucks


Starbucks has established itself as one of the best coffee shops in the United States. The company strives to provide the best drinks and a comfortable experience.

When you visit a Starbucks store, you can guarantee that you’re going to get a delicious coffee. Plus, you can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere while using the free Wi-Fi.

Working at Starbucks can be just as fun as visiting a customer. Starbucks is another company that doesn’t use pre-employment drug tests.

If you’re a good worker and can prove it, you’ll get a job at Starbucks even if you smoke weed from time to time. Yes, Starbucks does not drug test employees.

4. Google

Wouldn’t it be exciting to work for Google which is one of the biggest technology companies in the world? It operates as one of the most successful search engines. Plus, Google offers a variety of other problems.

Working at Google means that you’ll get to be at the forefront of the industry. The company sets itself apart from others by being innovative.

One way it does this is by not drug testing new workers. You’re not going to be required to take a drug test when getting a job at Google.

5. Whole Foods

Whole Foods market

Today, Whole Foods is owned and operated by Amazon. The company sells delicious foods and drinks. While Whole Foods isn’t as big as Walmart or Target, it is rapidly spreading across the country.

If you reside near a Whole Foods store, you should consider applying for a job there. The company is not going to discriminate against employees who use recreational drugs. The company, Whole Foods doesn’t use drug tests during the pre-employment process.

If you work hard and get along with your coworkers, you won’t be drug tested while working here either. Just remember that you might be drug tested if you get hurt on the job.

6. Apple


Apple is another technology company that doesn’t drug test job applicants. Many people use an iPhone every day. Others like Apple computers and tablets. Suffice it to say, Apple is a household name across the country.

While the company goes above and beyond to deliver the best products, it doesn’t drug-test new workers. The employment base is shrinking so Apple doesn’t want to lose potential workers. Ultimately, this is one of the main reasons it doesn’t drug test.

7. Michael’s

Do you like arts and crafts? There is a good chance that you like painting, sewing, or drawing. If this is something that interests you, it is a good idea to get a job at Michael’s.

The company sells tons of art supplies, including paints, brushes, canvas, yarn, and more. It is beneficial for workers and guests.

If you want to get a job and continue using drugs, Michael’s might be a good choice for you. It is common for the company to skip drug tests.

8. Dick’s Sporting Goods

When you begin searching for a new job, you should think about applying for a job at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods store. The company has stores across the country so you might live near one.

You’ll enjoy working at Dick’s because the company has a fun atmosphere. Plus, you’re going to handle treadmills, baseball bats, boxing gloves, and more.

If you like working out, you’ll love working at your local Dick’s. While the company strives to hire the best workers, it doesn’t pry into the applicant’s life. In other words, it isn’t going to drug test you.

9. PetSmart

Many people love working with pets. PetSmart is a good career opportunity for you because it allows you to work with pets during your shift. At PetSmart, you’ll get to work with dogs, cats, fish, and reptiles.

Plus, you’ll be able to help guests when they’re searching for food, snacks, collars, and other pet supplies. PetSmart offers all types of jobs, including stockers, cashiers, groomers, and more. One of the best things about working at PetSmart is the fact that you don’t have to pass a drug test.

10. Target

You may be interested in getting a job with a large retailer. While there are others, you should apply for a position at your local Target.

The company is widely respected because its stores are clean and workers are friendly. Although Target tends to be more expensive than Walmart, you’ll enjoy shopping there.

In addition to this, you’ll find that Target offers outstanding employment opportunities. It is fun to work at Target because you’re going to meet many people.

You’ll also enjoy stocking the shelves and learning about the latest products. Target usually does not drug test new workers.

11. Trader Joe’s

Using drugs means that you’re going to have a harder time finding employment. Nevertheless, some companies do not do drug tests.

You can likely get a job at Trader Joe’s since the company usually doesn’t drug test. Pre-employment drug tests are not common at Trader Joe’s.

However, you need to be careful about getting hurt at work. If you do, you might have to take a drug test. While random drug tests are possible, they’re not common.

12. Amazon


A lot of workers enjoy working at Amazon although the work can be difficult. Nevertheless, you may enjoy running around since you’ll get a lot of exercise.

If this is something that you enjoy, you’ll enjoy working at Amazon. Amazon is slightly different because the company is going to drug test you. You will be drug tested by Amazon during the pre-employment process.

The primary difference is that Amazon is not going to test for marijuana. Therefore, you can get a job at Amazon even if you regularly smoke marijuana. However, individuals getting jobs driving will have to pass a full drug test.

13. Sprouts

Finally, you should apply for a job at your local Sprouts grocery store. Working in a grocery store can be great because you’ll have room to move around while stocking.

You’ll also get to help locals as they come to buy groceries. Sprouts Farm is one grocery store that doesn’t drug test applicants. Therefore, you can begin working here even if you’ve used drugs.

However, you must remember that you’ll likely have to move around frequently and lift heavy items. Be careful to ensure that you don’t get hurt on the job. If you get injured, you’re likely going to have to take a drug test.

Read more on Sprouts Drug Testing Policies

How To Know If A Drug Test Is Required

How To Know If A Drug Test Is Required

Are you worried that you’re going to be required to take a drug test? Ultimately, it is hard to know for certain. However, you can take steps to determine whether you should expect a drug test. First, you should try talking to people who’ve worked at the company in question.

They can tell you whether they were drug tested before being hired. If they were drug tested, there is a good chance that you’re going to be drug tested too. You’ll also want to use the Internet to your advantage.

Search for the company online to see if it uses drug tests. You can likely find information on forums and social media. Finally, you should think about talking to one of the managers.

They’ll be happy to tell you. If you want to maintain your privacy, call from a different phone. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know whether you need to prepare for an upcoming drug test.

Types Of Employers That Don’t Drug Test

If you’re looking for an employer that isn’t going to drug test, you should likely check for specific employers. For instance, you can guarantee that hospitals, law enforcement, and financial service providers are going to drug test workers. These jobs are very strict so they have to be more careful when hiring workers.

However, some companies can be lax with their pre-employment processes. You’ll have more success with retailers and restaurants. Nevertheless, some of them may drug test during the pre-employment process too.

You can also check temporary staffing agencies. These companies help companies find suitable workers. Since you’re not going to be hired permanently, a drug test may not be necessary.

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Different Drug Test Types

Applicants should understand that there are several types of drug tests. Even if the company doesn’t drug test during the pre-employment process, you might be drug tested later. Therefore, you cannot ignore the risks involved. If you fall and get seriously injured at work, you’ll likely have to take a drug test.

Suffice it to say, failing the test means that you’re probably going to lose your career. Be sure to learn more about the different drug tests. It is up to the employer to decide which drug test to use.

Regardless, you should expect to encounter urine drug tests and saliva drug tests. Hair drug tests aren’t common unless you’re getting a management job or a job with a high salary.

For a hair test, you’ll have to give a few hairs. They’ll be tested at a lab. As for a saliva drug test, you’ll take a Q-tip and use it to swab the inside of your cheek. As for a urine test, you’ll have to urinate in a small cup.

Then, the urine will be sent to a laboratory and tested. A handful of variables will depend on the type of test you have to take. For instance, saliva tests can deliver immediate results. As for urine tests, they can take up to seven days.

If you have any questions, talk to the supervisor.


You can find multiple companies that do not drug test applicants. However, there is a risk that you’re going to be drug tested later. Whether you get a promotion or get hurt on the job, you may have to be drug tested.

Therefore, it is best to stop using drugs before getting a job. Then, you should remain drug-free because you do not want to lose your job due to a failed drug test. Use the advice above to find employment that won’t require you to get drug tested.

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