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Does Subway Hire Felons?

If you are asking yourself, does Subway hire felons, there is a good chance you are a former felon considering employment with the establishment. To start, it only makes sense that someone would consider employment with such a widespread employer.

Although it might not seem like it at first, there are plenty of advancement opportunities within the company for the right individual. Of course, you’ve got to get hired on first before you can start advancing. 

Does Subway Hire Felons in 2024: What You Need To Know To Get Started

Does Subway Hire Felons

Subway is no doubt one of today’s top leading and growing fast-food chains. With over 30,000 stores spread throughout the world, there aren’t many people unfamiliar with Subway and its offerings.

With companies this large and the strenuous working conditions, you can already imagine the turnover rates. Fast food is not a job or working environment for everyone.

Customer service isn’t something everyone excels at. While you can grow more and more improved in your customer services skills and relations, it does take a special individual to acquire and maintain fast-food positions.

With that out of the way, now is the time to get down to the hiring process.

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Understanding That Subway Is A Franchise

One of the reasons for such success and growth of popular fast-food chains like Subway and McDonald’s is because they are what are known as franchises.

Yes, they are major chain restaurants spread around the world, but what people don’t realize is each individual store truly is unique.

While they are similar in design and style, each individual store is unique because they are likely owned by completely different entities. It is just one corporation or entity that owns all McDonald’s or Subways.

Anyone with the right contact and financial resources can open a franchise. Some Subways and McDonald’s are owned and operated by the major corporation that founded the company, but a lot of them are sold to individual owners or investment boards.

This makes each store unique. The board does set specific rules and guidelines for owners to follow, but for the most part, each individual owner is open to running her company as they see fit.

For instance, some chains might choose to do urine tests. Some stores might choose to do blood and hair tests, while some stores might not even test at all. It all comes down to the owner and his or her standards. The same goes for hiring felons.

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Subway And Felons

It should be noted right now that there are some felons that most establishments will stay away from. As you can imagine these are sexual records and violent crimes. This is extremely common in the fast-food industry.

Owners and operators just tend to shy away from employees with these records because such individuals are seen as a danger to the public.

If someone found out that a rapist or murderer was working down at their local Subway, it might turn their stomach enough to prevent them from ever returning to the store.

Therefore, most managers shy away from such individuals. Theft is another crime fast-food management tends to avoid. The reasoning for this should be pretty evident.

Applying To Subway With A Felony

While being a felon does make it much harder to acquire a job in today’s workforce, one needs to remember that your record is not the first thing an employer sees. You can use this to your advantage.

When applying with your local Subway, take the time to dote and elaborate on your past accomplishments and experiences.

Do you have several years’ experience waiting tables? Maybe you are familiar with Subway and the way they operate.

Use this information to your advantage. With this in mind, it is even entirely possible that Subway won’t inquire about your criminal background.

This might only be something that’ll be discussed at a later date or interview. Chances are there will be a section inquiring about your criminal history.

With that established, you should never try to lie or hide your background. This is just only going to make you appear more suspicious.

Just come right out with the charges against you because your future Subway employer will find out. It’s best to get it out on the table right now, and you will have a chance to explain yourself. 

Explaining Your Record

By law, no employer is allowed to automatically disqualify you from a position because you are a felon. If you find this is happening to you then you might likely have a discrimination suit on your hands.

With that in mind, a felon should always take the proper time to explain in detail about their record. The biggest thing that will help is if you can show proof or give examples of how you’ve changed.

Even if you are 1 or 2 years fresh out of prison, show how you’ve made strides to improve your life. Talk about counseling classes or groups if you are involved in any. Being flexible with hours and honesty is the only way for a felon to go.

These qualities will be exceptionally noteworthy to your potential future employer. Most fast-food managers understand and respect felon offenders.

With the right time, hard work, and dedication it is even entirely possible that you might work your way up to Subway management.

States That Don’t Do Background Checks

States That Don’t Do Background Checks

Believe it or not, there are some states with laws against checking a criminal’s background. If you are located in these states and are asked about your background, the employer is breaking the law and violating your rights.

The states where inquiring about your background is illegal are California, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Washington.

People Also Ask;

Is It Easy To Get Hired At Subway?

Getting hired within a Subway company is a bit tricker than most people realize. One of the reasons for this is because each store you see is owned by a different person.

That’s right, Subways are what are known as franchises. This is similar to the major fast-food giant Mcdonald’s. Each individual store is owned and operated by a different person.

Therefore, the hiring rules and regulations of each store are left up to those individual owners. Sure, a lot of Subways will operate under the same premises, but for the most part, the franchise owners and investors are left to run the stores in their manner. Some Subway restaurants might drug test, and some might not.

Can A Felon Own A Subway Franchise?

If you are a felon, you’ll be glad to learn that you are granted the same business opportunities as someone without a record.

The rules and regulations are likely going to vary from state to state, but for the majority, a felon is legally capable of running and owning businesses. There are no state or federal laws that prohibit such individuals from running and operating franchises.

Of course, liquor stores, firearm ranges, or strip clubs might be different because of specific business and license requirements.

To own a Subway there are no stringent hoops that one must jump through. As long as, you can prove to the state that you can run a clean and reputable eatery, they will grant you the proper license.

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