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Does Subway Do Background Checks?

If you are considering future employment with the fast-food giant, Subway, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, does Subway do background checks? Whether you have a clean or dirtied background, this is something that most people consider.

With the high rate of identity theft cases these days, it’s entirely possible that your background might come back with inaccurate information.

Either way, you need to know that as a citizen, you have certain rights. Rights that protect you from being discriminated and scrutinized against.

Before you can begin to understand these laws and rights, and how you can use them to your benefit, you need to learn a little bit about background checking procedures. 

Does Subway Do Background Checks 2024: What You Need To Know To Get Started

Does Subway Do Background Checks

Before you start learning about any company’s background checking procedures, you are going to need to be considered for employment. As with most businesses today, the only way to get considered for employment is by filling out an application.

While Subway does offer online applications, you can go down to the physical store and fill out an application in person.

In fact, most experts would recommend doing both to increase your chances of standing out.

When filling out the application, you are going to be asked your slew of standard employment questions, so it’ll help if you have all this information on hand and ready.

Try doing the online application first and you’ll already know everything the company is going to ask. You’ll look more prepared!

The Subway application is going to ask about everything from your previous working history to your current physical address and contact number.

Some Subway franchises might even make you take a test to prove that you can do simple math. Along with that and your previous work experience, they’ll probably also consider your schooling.

Just because they are inquiring about this information, it doesn’t necessarily mean you must have previous work experience or a high school diploma to get the job. These are just the standard employment questions. 

The Next Step

After completing the application, it’ll probably take at least a few days before and if someone contacts you back. If you do receive a callback, the next step will likely be the interview. This will be where they will bring you in, meet with you in person, and gauge you as a person.

The interviewing manager will probably ask you questions like, why do you want to work at Subway, what can you tell us about Subway, what are your work philosophies, and what do you consider good customer service?

These questions might vary from store to store, but this is the standard for most Subways. This is an important step because you will likely know after the interview if you are going to be considered for the position or not. If you are going to be considered, you will likely have to give your consent to a background check.

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The Background Checking Process

Yes, Subway does conduct background checks on all its potential employees. Therefore, trying to lie about or hide anything is futile. The company and hiring manager will probably respect you more if you are honest right from the get-go.

If you are going to be granted a position with Subway, you will have to go through a background check. The check will search everything from your past criminal record to your credit history.

Once you’ve consented to the background check, you’ll probably be contacted again in the following days. With today’s technologies, background checks can be conducted and delivered within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, if you are a felon, you probably need not even apply. Subway is against hiring felons, although they don’t disqualify any candidate without consideration. Whatever you do, hiding and concealing information is not the way to go.

If you are considered for any position with Subway, you will be granted the chance to come back in and explain your record, what it means to you, and how you’ve made strides to change.

People Also Ask

What Do Background Checks Actually Check?

What Do Background Checks Actually Check?

Things are confusing when it comes to background checks. And this is because there are so many factors and entities that play into the equation.

For instance, a background check can be conducted by different security companies. The FBI and law enforcement also offer background checks, which will likely reveal more information.

Depending on the company and the entity checking the background, some of these reports might reveal more information than others.

What a background check reveals depends entirely on the company conducting the investigation and how far the probing entity wants to go back. Some companies are only interested in going 5 to 7 years while some will go back 10 years.

Some companies specialize in criminal histories while others only focus on credit. You can uncover anything you want about someone. It just depends on how much you are willing to pay and how hard you are willing to dig. 

What Can Disqualify You from A Federal Background Check?

When applying for a federal position it goes without saying that you are going to be held to higher standards. Once again, the biggest determination of anything will depend on the entities conducting the check and the ones requesting.

It depends on how far they want to dig back. With that in mind, several common outliers will automatically disqualify people from federal positions.

These usually are questions of citizenship, past and previous substance abuse, criminal history, and even a questionable credit record is considered these days when applying for federal positions. 

Does Everyone Show Up On A Background Check?

Every legal citizen’s background should show up on a routine check. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be reported as an offender. It just means that the system recognizes you as an American citizen.

If the system doesn’t recognize you, then there are going to be more problems. That being said, not everyone will show up as having a reputable background.

The information that a background check uncovers honestly comes down to the checking entity and the type of investigation being conducted.

Some background checking entities might only be interested in your past employment, whereas others might only be concerned with your previous credit report. Some might want a mixture of both. 

Are Background Checks Strict?

Background checks can go back as far as 10 years, or they can go back only 3 to 5 years. It likely will depend on the individual or entity conducting the check and who they are paying to do the check. Another big deciding factor is the reasoning for the check.

Are you trying to secure a loan? Are you applying for a position in law enforcement? Applying for a position in law enforcement is going to require a much more strenuous look into your background.

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