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Does Little Caesars Drug Test?

Food service jobs are usually pretty easy to get, so getting hired at Little Caesars shouldn’t be too difficult, and if you’re wondering “Does Little Caesars drug test?” the answer is, not usually.

Let’s explore that answer a little further so you know what to expect when you apply for a job at Little Caesars.

Little Caesars is one of the largest Pizza chains in the United States, with over 4,000 restaurants providing takeout pizza. Little Caesars also offers home delivery, so if you’re planning on applying for a job, you can work as a crew member in the restaurant or as a pizza delivery driver.

Does Little Caesars Drug Test in 2024?

Does Little Caesars Drug Test

About 90% of Little Caesars pizza restaurants are owned by franchisees. Only 10% are owned and operated as Little Caesar corporate outlets.

You’re probably thinking, so what, what does that have to do with me? Well, franchises are independently owned businesses, and each owner can set their own drug testing policies.

So there’s no way to say with 100% certainty that you won’t have to take a drug test when you apply for a job at your local Little Caesars restaurant.

The majority of online feedback from current and past employees indicates that drug testing is very unlikely, but the only way to know for sure is to drop by and ask. You could also call to order a pizza and ask the person taking your order.

Don’t worry about asking. Most Little Caesar employees are high school or college students, and they won’t be surprised at your question.

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Does Little Caesars Drug Test Crew Members?

A pre-employment drug test is highly unlikely for crew member positions. The fast food industry has a very high employee turnover rate, and Little Caesars, like all fast food chains, finds it a challenge to attract and hold on to competent workers. Requiring a drug test during the hiring process would make it even more difficult to staff their restaurants.

The crew member application form for franchise-owned stores, available from the Little Caesars website, does not mention pre-employment drug testing. When a company requires a drug test during the hiring process, they usually list that requirement on the application form and ask you to consent to drug testing.

Because no drug testing information is present on the application form, it’s safe to assume you won’t be asked to take a drug test.

Once you’re employed, however, you could be asked to take a reasonable cause drug test if you’re clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you have an accident at work that requires medical attention, you could need to take a post-accident drug test.

When you complete your employment paperwork, you’ll be asked to consent to and sign the drug and alcohol use policy in effect at your location.

If you fail a drug test, your employer can fire you and you may be denied unemployment benefits and any workers’ comp benefits you would have been entitled to.

Do You Have To Pass A Drug Test For Management Roles?

Do You Have To Pass A Drug Test For Management Roles?

Management positions at Little Caesar restaurants include manager in training, assistant manager, and general manager roles.

Information about drug testing for these roles is mixed, with some managers saying they had to pass a drug test and others saying that no pre-employment or pre-promotion drug testing took place.

To be on the safe side, only apply for a management position once you know your system is drug-free. Pick up an inexpensive DIY drug test from Amazon, Walmart, Target, or CVS, and test yourself. These tests are accurate, and once you pass the DIY test, you can apply for jobs without worrying.

After you’re hired, you will be subject to reasonable cause drug testing and post-accident drug testing.

Does Little Caesars Conduct Drug Test For Pizza Delivery Drivers?

Needing to pass a drug test to deliver pizza at Little Caesars is extremely unlikely, but if you appear to be under the influence of drugs or have an accident, you will have to take a drug test.

It should go without saying that being under the influence of drugs while you’re driving a vehicle is incredibly risky. An accident is more likely to happen if you’re impaired, as is getting pulled over by the police.

And if you’re stopped by the police while you’ve got drugs in your system, you’ll have big problems. A DUI can be a misdemeanor or a felony offense, but either way, with a criminal offense on your record, you’ll find it much harder to get another job.

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What Kind Of Drug Test Does Little Caesars Use?

Franchise owners can choose the type of drug test they want to use.

A reasonable suspicion drug test could be a simple swab test, but a post-accident drug test is more likely to be a urine test because of the potential legal and financial issues surrounding workplace accidents.

A swab test will only detect drug use in the past 48 hours, while a urine test can detect drug use over a longer period.

Detection window on a 5-panel urine test:

  • Opiates – up to 4 days
  • Cocaine – up to 4 days
  • Amphetamines and methamphetamine – up to 4 days
  • Phencyclidine (PCP) – up to 14 days
  • Marijuana – up to 90 days for heavy users

Can You Use Medical Marijuana At Little Caesars?

Since a pre-employment drug test is unlikely, using medical marijuana won’t prevent you from being hired.

However, all Little Caesar outlets forbid the use of drugs or alcohol at work, and you aren’t allowed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during your shift.

If you’re clearly impaired, you could be asked to take a drug test, even if you have a medical marijuana card or recommendation from your doctor.

While many states have legalized medical marijuana, it’s still an illegal drug at the federal level, and employers test for the drug on that basis.

Summing Up

The majority of Little Caesar outlets are franchises, and different owners will have different drug testing policies.

If you’re applying for an entry-level job at Little Caesars, a drug test is very unlikely. Applicants for management positions may be required to take a drug test, however.

Once you’re hired, you’ll be subject to reasonable cause drug testing and post-accident drug testing, and the tests could be saliva or urine tests depending on the location you work at.

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