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Does Harris Teeter Drug Test?

Harris Teeter aims to be a drug-free workplace and has a substance abuse policy in place to enforce this. Does Harris Teeter drug test? Yes, you’ll need to pass a drug test during the hiring process, and you’ll be subject to other drug testing once you’re hired.

Harris Teeter is also a smoke-free workplace. Let’s look at some details so you know what to expect when you apply for a job at the supermarket chain.

Does Harris Teeter Drug Test At Interview in 2024?

Does Harris Teeter Drug Test

Harris Teeter does carry out pre-employment drug testing, but the drug test doesn’t take place during your interview. If the company wants to hire you, they’ll send you a conditional offer of employment which is contingent on you passing a background check and a drug test.

The employment offer will contain details about the drug test, and you’re usually given 2 days to go in and give your sample once you’ve accepted the job offer.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Harris Teeter Use?

Drug tests at Harris Teeter supermarkets and distribution centers are oral swab tests. These tests take a saliva sample which is then checked for common illegal drugs.

Oral drug tests have a fairly short detection window and that makes the pre-employment drug test very easy to pass.

If you’re applying for a job as a CDL driver at a Harris Teeter distribution center, then you’ll take the standard Department Of Transportation (DOT) drug test.

The DOT drug test is a 5-panel urine test, but Harris Teeter may opt to test for additional substances. However, the only substances that can be recorded on your record at the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse are those on the 5-panel test.

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Which Drugs Does Harris Teeter Test For?

Which Drugs Does Harris Teeter Test For?

You’ll be tested for common illegal drugs using a 7-panel drug screen. The drugs screened for are:

  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamine and methamphetamine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines

For all of those drugs, the detection window in oral fluid is up to 48 hours from the last use.

For CDL drivers taking the DOT drug test, the detection time for drugs in urine is longer.

  • Opiates – up to 4 days
  • Cocaine – up to 4 days
  • Marijuana – up to 90 days depending on the level of use
  • Amphetamine and methamphetamine – up to 4 days
  • Phencyclidine – up to 14 days

A common question that candidates have about Harris Teeter’s drug testing policy concerns marijuana specifically, so we’ll try to give you some insight into marijuana testing at Harris Teeter.

These are the marijuana laws in states where Harris Teeter Neighborhood Food & Pharmacy operates stores:

  • North Carolina – Illegal
  • South Carolina – Illegal
  • Virginia – Legal (medicinal & recreational)
  • Georgia – Illegal
  • Florida – Legal (medicinal)
  • Delaware – Legal (medicinal)
  • Maryland – Legal (medical, recreational legal from July 1st, 2023)

The Harris Teeter employee handbook states that the use of illegal drugs by employees is prohibited, but if you live in a marijuana-legal state they won’t terminate you for testing positive.

The exceptions to this are for pharmacy staff and for staff in DOT-regulated positions, who are subject to termination if they test positive for any substance.

Marijuana is still an illegal drug at the federal level, it’s only been made legal at the state level in some states. When the company tests pharmacy or transportation staff, they’re applying the federal drug classification.

Does Harris Teeter Make Minors Take A Drug Test?

According to the drug testing policy everyone is supposed to take a pre-employment drug test, but in some stores, employees report that minors are not tested.

In any case, for the pre-employment drug test, as long as you abstain for a couple of days before your test, you’ll be fine even if you are asked to take a drug test.

When Do You Know If You’ve Passed the Drug Test?

After the lab has processed your drug test, they send the result to Harris Teeter. If you passed the drug test and your background check, you’ll get a message confirming your employment and telling you what you need to do to start your orientation.

If you didn’t pass the test, you’ll be notified that your conditional offer of employment has been withdrawn.

Either way, you’ll hear from Harris Teeter within 1 to 2 weeks after taking your test.

Does HT Do Random Drug Tests?

Yes, they do! Many employers have abandoned their random drug testing program but Harris Teeter still surprises staff with spot checks.

Random drug tests are saliva tests and employees report that random tests usually take place twice a year. However, Harris Teeter reserve the right to test you at any time during your employment.

Here’s how the random tests work.

A testing team arrives at the store and gets a list of everyone working in the store that day. Then some or all of those staff will be called in to provide a sample. If you’re not working on the day that the random tests are carried out, then you won’t be tested on that occasion.

Random drug tests for CDL drivers also include a breathalyzer test to check blood alcohol levels.

Employees are usually notified of their drug test results within 2 weeks.

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Are There Any Other Drug Tests At Harris Teeter?

Are There Any Other Drug Tests At Harris Teeter?

In addition to pre-employment and random drug testing, you’ll also be subject to reasonable suspicion drug tests and post-accident drug tests.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Test

Reasonable suspicion drug tests can be carried out if your manager suspects that you’re under the influence of drugs at work. Signs of drug use that may raise suspicions include:

  • Slurred speech
  • Unusual odor on your breath, hair, or clothing
  • Unsteady gait
  • Clumsiness
  • Lethargy or falling asleep
  • Angry or emotional outbursts
  • Bloodshot eyes or unusual pupil size
  • Paranoia

Post-Accident Drug test

Harris Teeter expects employees involved in accidents or incidents to take a drug test. Testing positive after an accident could affect any compensation or medical benefits you would otherwise be entitled to.

When you’re asked to take a post-accident drug test you’re required to submit a sample the same day, so unlike the pre-employment drug test, there’s no time to detox.

Drug Testing At HT – Quick Recap

Harris Teeter carries out pre-employment drug testing, so before you apply you should make sure that you’ve detoxed for the appropriate length of time.

Most candidates will take an oral drug test, but CDL drivers are required to take a urine test. The drug test takes place after you’ve accepted a conditional job offer from Harris Teeter.

Besides the pre-employment drug test, you’ll also be subject to random drug tests several times a year, reasonable suspicion drug testing, and testing if you’re involved in an accident.

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