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Does Foot Locker Drug Test?

One question that comes up a lot these days is “does Foot Locker drug test?” And it’s always good to ask questions because once you have the answer, you can take the necessary steps to ensure your chances of success.

Let’s find out how Foot Locker’s drug testing policy works.

Foot Locker is a popular choice for shoppers looking for their next pair of sports shoes, and it’s also a popular choice among job hunters looking for retail work. Pay, working conditions, and benefits are good, and with the stores open 7 days a week, it’s easy to find a shift that suits most schedules.

Does Foot Locker Drug Test For Retail Store Positions?

Does Foot Locker Drug Test

The good news for anyone hoping to start work as a retail associate at a Foot Locker store is you won’t have to pass a drug test first.

Companies willing to hire without pre-employment drug tests are getting harder to find, but for now, at least, Foot Locker isn’t prying too far into your private life before they allow you to sell a pair of sneakers in one of their stores.

This doesn’t mean that you can get away with using drugs at work, or that you can turn up for your shift clearly under the influence of illicit substances.

If you’re intoxicated or impaired at work, you could lose your job.

Do They Drug Test For Warehouse Positions?

The answer to this question isn’t as clear-cut as it is for retail store associate positions.

We looked through every current logistics and supply chain job listing on the Foot Locker careers portal and found differing requirements based on the location of the distribution center.

Foot Locker operates distribution centers in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Junction City, Kansas. Wausau Wisconsin. And in Sparks, Nevada.

Only warehouse job listings for the Wausau, Wisconsin distribution center make any mention of drug testing.

On those job listings, the drug testing requirement is present, with the company stating that both a pre-hire drug test and background check will both be required once you have received a job offer.

We don’t know why the company appears to have different policies in place for different locations, but if you plan to apply for a position at the Wausau facility, it would make sense to abstain from taking any drugs while your application is being processed.

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What Kind Of Drug Test Does Foot Locker Do?

According to reports from Foot Locker employees who share information online, when Foot Locker carries out a drug test, they use a mouth swab drug test.

Mouth Swab drug tests use a long Q-Tip type swab to collect a saliva sample from your inner cheek or from under your tongue. The sample is then analyzed on the spot or sent away to a lab for processing.

Some companies carry out drug testing on their premises, while others ask you to take a test at your local health clinic.

We were unable to find out where Foot Locker conducts their pre-hiring drug tests, but when they make you a job offer, they’ll tell you where you need to go.

We know that when companies ask for a drug test after making a conditional job offer; they give you a time limit for taking the test once you have accepted the job offer. This is often 48 hours.

Take that timeframe into account before you accept an offer if you know you’ve still got drugs in your system.

What Drugs Does Foot Locker Test For?

Mouth swab saliva samples are usually processed with a 5-panel drug test which screens for the following substances:

  • Opiates – heroin, morphine
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamines and methamphetamine
  • Phencyclidine – PCP, Angel Dust

These substances will usually be undetectable in saliva 48 hours after your last use of the drug. However, in some cases, marijuana can still be found in saliva for longer periods of time.

This can happen if you regularly use strong strains of the drug, or have a high level of body fat, which acts as a storage site for THC.

What Is Foot Locker’s Policy On Medical Marijuana?

We took a close look at Foot Locker’s Code Of Business Conduct so we could give you an accurate answer to this question.

Now that some states are legalizing medical marijuana, the topic of acceptable use in the workplace is generating plenty of interest.

While medical marijuana may be legal in some states, workplaces are fully within their rights to prohibit its use during working hours and to test for marijuana use during pre-hire drug tests.

This might sound contradictory, but it isn’t, really. Lots of things are legal, but you can’t do them at work if you want to keep your job.

Just as you can’t turn up to most workplaces under the influence of alcohol, most employers don’t want their staff to be impaired and less productive because of marijuana use.

In the section of their policy titled “Safe Workplace Behaviors”, Foot Locker expressly prohibits the use of medical marijuana.

They state that team members may not be under the influence of marijuana at work, even with a valid prescription for the substance.

Violations of the Foot Locker code of conduct are grounds for dismissal.

Does Foot Locker Carry Out Random Drug Tests?

As far as we know, Foot Locker does not carry out random drug testing of employees as a routine matter, although employees indicate that Foot Locker reserves the right to a drug test if necessary.

If you’re at work and clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which is against company policy, they could give you a drug test.

Another instance where you may have to take a drug test is after an accident at work. Workplace accidents expose the company to potential liability issues and it’s standard practice for companies to insist on a test if they suspect drug use may have been the cause of an accident.

If you were injured in an accident at work, and you failed a drug test, it’s probable that you would be refused any worker’s compensation payments that you would otherwise be eligible for.

Foot Locker’s company policy also has a requirement for all employees to report suspected violations of company policy.

So if you’re at work and intoxicated, even if you manage to hide the fact from your manager or supervisor, your fellow Foot Locker associates have a duty to report you, otherwise, they will be in violation of company policy, too.

Does Foot Locker Carry Out A Background Check?

When you apply for a job at Foot Locker, you have to pass a background check before they can hire you. Your application form will ask you to consent to a check being carried out.

Background checks are carried out once you have accepted a conditional job offer.

Unless you have a felony conviction, your background check can only include information from the last 7 years.

If you know that your criminal past will be discovered with a background check, then make sure you’ve already discussed the issue at your interview.

You should tell your interviewer what your offense was and the circumstances surrounding it.

Don’t minimize your offense or blame others for your choices. Instead, explain that you understand that you made a bad decision, that you’ve learned from your mistake, and are now a reformed character seeking an opportunity to work hard for a respectable company.

Does FootLocker Drug Test – FAQs

Foot Locker Drug Testing FAQs

Do They Drug Test You At Interviews?

No, Foot Locker does not drug test at interviews. The company does not carry out any pre-hire drug testing for retail associates.

Sometimes, they require a drug test to work at one of their distribution centers, but the drug test is carried out after they have made a conditional job offer.

How Long Does It Take For Foot Locker To Get Back To You For A Job?

You should expect to hear back from Foot Locker within 1 week. Hiring can be much faster if you go to a store instead of making an application online. Often you can be hired as a retail associate the same day if you apply at your local Foot Locker outlet.


When you apply for a retail job at Foot Locker you don’t have to pass a drug test before you can start work.

However, the company has a no drugs at work policy, so be careful that you don’t go to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Applicants for warehouse jobs may be asked to pass a drug test, but this only seems to be the case at their Wisconsin facility.

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