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Does Kroger Drug Test?

As a job applicant, you need to know if, how, and when does Kroger drug test during the hiring process, and then once you’re hired, it’s important to understand what to expect from the company as far as ongoing drug testing is concerned.

If you’re interested in applying for a job at Kroger, it’s essential to find out about their pre and post-hiring policies for drug testing.

In this article, we’ll give you the information you need about Kroger’s current drug testing policy so that you know what to expect.

Does Kroger Drug Test Before Hiring in 2024?

Does Kroger Drug Test

Kroger is a retail chain with stores in 35 states, and most major cities. Besides their namesake stores, Kroger supermarkets include Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, Food For Less, Foods Co, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Gerbes, Harris Teeter, Jay C, King Soopers, Mariano’s, Metro Market, Owen’s, Pay Less, Pick ‘n Save, QFC, Ralphs, and Smith’s.

If Kroger operates in your state, you’re very likely to have one of their stores very close to where you live. This makes Kroger a good choice for individuals who don’t want to deal with a long commute.

When you apply for a job at Kroger or one of its other brands, you’ll have to pass a background check, and for some roles, you’ll also need to pass a drug test. On their careers page, Kroger states that if you are required to take a drug test, you’ll be notified at the time your conditional job offer is made.

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Who Do They Drug Test?

  • Retail Clerks

During the hiring process for most hourly paid positions for retail clerks, it appears that Kroger doesn’t routinely make candidates pass a drug test.

That’s not to say that it won’t happen to you, just that the online consensus among Kroger’s employees is that because Kroger has such an acute need for new employees, they don’t test new hires.

However, when you accept a job offer at Kroger’s, the terms and conditions that you sign up to state that you agree to any and all required drug testing.

The drug test policy allows for random drug testing, but again, employees report that this rarely occurs. Don’t count on that though and take it as a license to go to work with drugs in your system.

You will most definitely be given a drug test if you are clearly impaired while doing your work and you appear to be under the influence of drugs.

Kroger has both a legal and a moral duty to protect the safety of its staff and customers and cannot not tolerate behavior that puts that safety at risk.

Kroger’s policy also allows for drug testing if an accident or other incident causing harm occurs. This is known as post-incident drug testing.

  • Pharmacy Staff

Do the company drug test pharmacy staff? Yes. Kroger does drug tests pharmacy technicians and pharmacists during the hiring process.

This makes sense because workers in these positions have access to prescription medications that can be abused, and because errors made in this job can have serious and potentially life-threatening consequences for customers.

You will be notified about the drug test requirement once a conditional offer of employment has been made to you. In line with Kroger’s stated policy, once you accept the job offer, you then have 24 hours to provide a sample for testing.

Ongoing drug testing requirements are the same as for all other employees. You should know that there is a possibility that you will be selected for a random drug test, and if your manager suspects you are under the influence, you will have to take a drug test.

A drug test will also be required after an accident or incident that causes harm to yourself or another person.

  • Supervisors and Managers

If you’re applying for a supervisory position at a Kroger store, you may be required to take a pre-employment drug test. The same is true for current employees seeking a promotion.

Again, the drug test is only carried out once a conditional offer of employment has been accepted.

As is the case for all employees, when you work for Kroger, you have to sign an agreement which states that you agree to be drug tested whenever the company deems it necessary.

  • Drivers

If you apply to work as a customer delivery driver, you may have to pass a drug test before you can start work.

Other drivers making goods deliveries in vehicles which fall under Department Of Transportation (DOT) regulations will be required to comply with DOT rules for drivers.

As per the regulations, companies must drug test new employees. Once hired, you are subject to random drug and alcohol tests, as well as drug and alcohol screens if you are in an accident or if you are showing signs of substance use.

DOT drug tests examine a urine sample for:

  • Marijuana Metabolites – detectable for up to 30 days depending on the frequency of use
  • Cocaine Metabolites – detectable up to 4 days after use.
  • Codeine/Morphine – detectable up to 4 days after use.
  • Hydrocodone/Hydromorphone – detectable up to 4 days after use.
  • Oxycodone/ Oxymorphone – detectable up to 4 days after use.
  • Acetylmorphine – detectable up to 4 days after use.
  • Phencyclidine (PCP) – detectable up to 14 days after use.
  • Amphetamines/Methamphetamine – detectable up to 4 days after use.

Does Kroger Use Urine Tests For All Employees?

Does Kroger Use Urine Tests For All Employees?

The most common drug testing method used by Krogers is a saliva test, not a urine test.

However, as already mentioned, some driving jobs regulated by the Department Of Transportation are subject to urine testing.

With a saliva test, a mouth swab collects a saliva sample from inside your cheek or from under your tongue.

The sample collection only takes a couple of minutes, but they will ask you to avoid eating or drinking for 10 minutes prior to providing your sample. This is because some food and drink can affect the result.

Your sample is then checked using a standard  5-panel drug screen which checks your saliva for the following substances.


Common opiates that will show on a drug test include heroin, morphine, and codeine. These substances remain detectable in saliva for 24 – 36 hours after use.


The 5-panel test looks for the cocaine metabolite, benzoylecgonine. This will be present for up to 48 hours after use.


The 5-panel test screens for marijuana even in states where medical marijuana is legal. Marijuana can still be picked up with a saliva test for 18 -24 hours.

If you use medical marijuana and hold a medical marijuana card, you should check with your manager to get the company’s most up-to-date policy on medical marijuana use because laws on this substance are subject to change.

If your store is unionized (two-thirds of Kroger stores are union), you can also ask your union about the medical marijuana policy.


Amphetamines and methamphetamine will remain detectable for as long as 48 hours after use.

Phencyclidine (PCP)

This drug is also known as angel dust. PCP will show on a saliva test for 48 hours after use.

What Happens If You Test Positive On Kroger Drug Test?

If you fail a pre-employment drug test, it’s very unlikely that Kroger will be able to hire you.

Employees failing a random drug test may be given a written warning, face suspension, or be dismissed.

If you are involved in an incident and are found to have drugs in your system, you will be terminated and your claim for workers’ compensation for any injury you sustained may be denied on the grounds that you had drugs in your system at the time of the incident.

Drivers failing a drug test will be subject to the procedures required under DOT rules. Consult your union agreement for more information.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQS)

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Kroger Do?

Does Kroger Drug Test During Interview?

No, Kroger does not carry out a drug test during your interview. For positions that require a drug test before you can begin working for the retailer, Kroger asks you to take a drug test once you have accepted a conditional offer of employment.

From that point, you have 24 hours to provide a sample for drug testing. If you fail to submit a sample in that time frame, Kroger may withdraw your job offer.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Kroger Do?

If you are required to take a drug test during the hiring process or after you’ve been hired, Kroger uses a mouth swab saliva test.

This is then tested with a standard 5-panel drug screen which looks for Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Marijuana, and PCP.

Drivers of company vehicles subject to Department Of Transportation (DOT) regulations have to take a urine test.

Did Kroger Stop Drug Testing?

On its careers page, Kroger informs applicants that certain roles require a drug test before they can start working for the company.

If you are required to take a drug test, they will inform you at the same time as your conditional job offer is made.

After you accept their job offer, you have 24 hours to complete the drug test requirement or your job offer may be withdrawn.


Kroger’s is an enormous company with an ongoing need for retail staff. To meet its hiring needs, it tends to now employ a more relaxed drug testing policy for new hires than it used to.

While most hourly paid retail clerks will not normally need to pass a pre-employment drug test, applicants for pharmacy roles will usually be tested.

Applicants for supervisory and managerial positions may also need to pass a drug screen before they can start work, and the same is true for drivers.

If you are required to undergo a pre-employment drug test, you will be notified once a conditional offer of employment has been made.

Once you begin work for Kroger, you are subject to random drug tests, drug tests if you appear to be intoxicated, and post-incident drug testing.

Hopefully, you now have all of the information to answer the question on Kroger’s drug testing policy? And can go ahead and apply for a job with confidence.

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