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Does Burlington Drug Test?

Burlington Coat Factory: Do They Drug Test Their Employees? Does Burlington Drug Test? Let’s find out!

Retail positions are excellent summer jobs for people new to the job market. With Burlington opening more stores across the United States daily, many people see the company as a good opportunity for work.

But medicinal marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states; some job-seekers may wonder which companies test for substances such as marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy.

This article will give readers a full briefing on Burlington’s drug testing policies to help determine if Burlington is the right company for them.


About Burlington

Burlington, formerly Burlington Coat Factory, was established in 1972 as Burlington Coat Factory in Burlington, New Jersey. At first, they only sold coats; they began diversifying their inventory into linens and items for children to mitigate the seasonal nature of selling coats as time went on.

The chain now sells off-price products such as coats, baby toys, and gifts. As of 2017, Burlington has 740 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. The chain has expanded since then.

Burlington is the third-largest off-price retailer in the United States (behind TJX Companies and Ross Stores). Off-price retailers sell brand-name items at discounted prices. They often buy in bulk from big-name brands.

Even though these items are sold at a substantial discount, buyers do not have to worry about faulty or counterfeit merchandise. They sell surplus inventory.

Although the target audience is still fashion “treasure hunters,” more recently, stores like Burlington have taken advantage of buying a large number of quirky items and selling them for reasonable prices. The site now encourages buyers to “expect the unexpected” rather than simply walking in to buy a coat.

Today, Burlington is owned by Bain Capital, a Boston-based private investment firm. In light of Burlington diversifying its inventory, the words “coat factory” are no longer in its title.

Bain Capital also owns fast food chains like Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, and Domino’s Pizza; music companies like iHeartRadio, Virgin Australia, and Warner Music Group; and travel companies like Apple Leisure Group.

Why Do Companies Drug Test?

Companies test for drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, and opiates for multiple reasons. The first is safety; if one works at a job that requires operating heavy machinery, for example, it is best to do so soberly. Another major reason is insurance; some insurance companies offer discounts to companies that drug test.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons is the company’s image; having employees that are alert, clean, and polite makes the company look better without considering the stigma of drug use.

Many employers will schedule a drug test shortly after, or as part of, an interview. Likewise, most job applications require candidates to agree to the company’s drug testing and substance use policies.

Potential employees should read any documentation related to this topic thoroughly before applying, and let their hiring manager know if they require any medications that could show up on a drug test.

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The Debate

Drug testing at workplaces began in the late 1980s during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. During that time, drugs became the public enemy, fueling a 1.7 billion-dollar “War on Drugs.” Many drugs were scrutinized for consequences to one’s health, regardless of how deadly they were.

This led to very strict anti-drug policies in many parts of the United States. But not everybody believes in the effectiveness of drug tests. Organizations such as the ACLU cite them as intrusive (drug use being a private affair, among other things) and ineffective.

Some sources also suggest that the millions of drug tests across the nation remain to benefit pharmaceutical companies. Many companies persist in the idea that drug use affects work performance.

Drug policies are changing across the nation, prompting further reevaluations of Reagan’s War on Drugs. Many workplaces still have regular drug testing regardless.

Burlington not only wants to maintain its high standards of a drug-free environment but sees these tests as an important health and safety measure.

Employees should let their employers know if they have prescriptions for any substances that could appear on a drug test.

Does Burlington Drug Test Employees in 2024?

Does Burlington Drug Test Employees

Does Burlington coat factory drug test? Yes, they do. Burlington has strict policies on substance abuse. Drug use is grounds for dismissal. They value their workplace as a clean, safe environment. They do not allow the consumption or use of alcohol or other drugs during work hours but make exceptions for staff events.

The Burlington Code of Conduct has the following to say about drug and alcohol use:

A drug and alcohol-free workplace is important to maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers and stockholders, as well as the health and safety of our associates. You may not sell, distribute, possess, transfer, or use illegal drugs or unprescribed controlled substances on company time or premises. An exception to this policy with respect to alcohol is off-premises at meals or events with vendors and/or colleagues.” The full Code of Conduct can be viewed here.

As a general rule, Burlington conducts standardized drug tests once every six months. However, certain circumstances may warrant more testing. If the manager suspects drug use or merchandise is damaged in a way that suggests substance abuse, they may conduct a random drug test. A background check or psychological evaluation may also lead to further testing.

If someone needs painkillers or other drugs for medical reasons, it is recommended that they talk to their manager. Burlington has an open-door policy, meaning that they encourage employees to be open and honest with their superiors. A solution can then be found to benefit all parties.

What Drug Do Burlington Test For?

Burlington conducts 5-panel drug testing. This is a standardized urine test that checks for marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy, and opiates. The test is called “5-panel” because the urine sample is tested on five strips of paper, each of which reacts to a different chemical in the sample. It is the most common type of drug test used by employers. Results are very quick to read and diagnose.

It is worth noting that some labs make exceptions for drugs with medical documentation. People who read the samples are allowed to report positives that have a good explanation. Employees should let their superiors know of any medical requirements as soon as possible.

On average, Burlington tests once or twice a year, but if the manager sees extra drug testing as warranted, it will occur more often. It can therefore be said that Burlington does random drug testing, even though most of their tests are fairly regular.

Drug Test Frequency

Although Burlington has a strict no-drug policy, many people working at Burlington say that the frequency of drug tests depends on who gives your interview. If they suspect someone of substance abuse from the outset, they may give that person a drug test immediately after their interview.

Otherwise, employees are tested shortly after the interview. One must sign the company policy on drug testing regardless.

Some areas also drug test more heavily than others. States with heavier drug restrictions will test more often, but areas with looser laws might test significantly less. Worker reports of drug testing vary despite the standard policy.

If someone plans on working at Burlington, they should ask their hiring manager about their store policies, and make sure they are aware of any medications.

What Can Someone Do?

For a scheduled drug test, the answer is simple: stay away from drugs long enough for their chemicals to exit one’s system. For example, according to, the chemicals in marijuana can stay in someone’s body for up to 30 days. Do the same before any job interview. It is better to be sober if someone intends to work for Burlington, as drug use could lead to instant dismissal.

Suspected use may lead to random testing. Once again, someone with a medical reason for using substances such as painkillers or marijuana should notify their manager as soon as possible and be able to provide documentation.


Does Burlington coat factory do background checks? The simple answer to if Burlington tests its employees for drugs such as marijuana, opiates, and ecstasy is “yes.” Burlington conducts random drug tests, sometimes immediately after a job interview. They perform a standard 5-panel test that covers marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and ecstasy.

Burlington prides itself on a clean, safe, drug-free environment for all of its employees and customers, and this is reflected in its standardized drug use policy. Even though every store manager tests independently, the company standards are very high.

In the event of medically-necessary drugs, employees should know that Burlington encourages an open-door policy. Employees should therefore be open and honest with their managers and human resources in regards to any medications.

Some labs will make exceptions for medically-necessary drugs, but as management and state laws determine test frequency, it is best to be transparent about one’s medical history and requirements. We hope this article has been useful to you, and wish you luck in your endeavors.

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