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Does Albertsons Drug Test?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Albertsons drug testing policy for stores and distribution centers, and find out the answers to the: Does Albertsons drug test? What kind of drug test does Albertsons use? When do they drug test, before or after the interview? and more?

Albertsons is the second largest supermarket chain in the nation, and with over 2,000 stores and 22 distribution centers to keep fully staffed, the retailer is always looking for new employees.

And there’s more good news for job seekers hoping to secure a position at Albertsons because there aren’t too many pre-employment hoops to jump through for most positions.

Do You Have To Pass A Drug Test To Work At Albertsons Supermarkets?

Do You Have To Pass A Drug Test To Work At Albertsons Supermarkets?

Does Albertson’s drug test at the interview? No, you won’t have to worry about being asked to take a drug test at your interview.

Does Albertson’s drug test at orientation? Once again, the answer is no. Isn’t that a pleasant surprise!

Many companies are finding it difficult to hire and hold on to the employees they need, and Albertsons is no exception. To increase their pool of prospective employees, the retailer dropped the pre-employment drug test requirement for store-based positions in 2020.

While you’re bound to be relieved that you won’t have to take a drug test during the Albertsons hiring process, don’t stop reading just yet, because there’s still some important drug testing information you need to know.

Do You Have To Pass A Drug Test To Work At Albertsons Distribution Centers?

The job description posted on the Albertsons Warehouse Careers website states that a pre-employment drug test is required for warehouse order selectors. The drug test takes place after a successful interview.

Order selector is an entry-level position and most warehouse jobs fall into this category. The job involves selecting stock, organizing it on pallets, and moving pallets around with an electric pallet jack.

Working as an order selector is a tough job, and Albertsons call their warehouse team members “industrial athletes” which should give you a clue about the demanding physical requirements for the job.

You’ll need to be able to work in wet, cold conditions; lift up to 90 pounds; work fast to meet and maintain a 100% productivity rate; perform repetitive tasks; lift, push, crouch, reach, and be on your feet for 10 – 12 hour shifts; work in temperatures that vary from 80 F to 15 below, and be prepared to work whatever shifts are required – days, nights, weekends, holidays.

If you can handle all of that and pass the drug test, you can earn a good income. The starting rate is over $19 an hour and they offer a retention bonus of $3,000, plus you won’t need an expensive gym membership anymore because your workout will be part of your workday.

Drug tests are also required for other warehouse roles, including forklift operators and maintenance technicians.

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Does Albertsons Drug Test Truck Drivers?

Does Albertsons Drug Test Truck Drivers?

Yes, to become an Albertson’s truck driver you’ll need to take a drug test.

As per Department of Transportation rules, employers cannot allow newly hired truck drivers to operate vehicles requiring a CDL until they’ve passed a drug test.

The only DOT-approved drug test currently in use is a urine test, although the option of saliva testing is currently being considered (2022). The changes in DOT drug testing policy have been proposed to make it more difficult for drivers to cheat on drug tests by using fake urine.

But for now, you’ll need to provide a urine sample.

Drivers are also subject to random drug testing, reasonable cause drug testing, and post-accident drug testing.

You’ll be tested for:

  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamines and methamphetamine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

The hard drugs – opiates, cocaine, and amphetamines, can be detected for up to 4 days on a urine test, and phencyclidine can show up for 14 days. Marijuana, depending on your level of use, can still be present above cut-off levels for as long as 90 days.

Does Albertsons Drug Test For Other Reasons?

While you won’t need to pass a pre-employment drug test to work at an Albertsons store, you’re not 100% free and clear.

Albertsons operates its stores and distribution centers under a drug-free workplace policy.

You can’t use drugs at work. You can’t be under the influence of drugs at work. And you can’t use drugs on company property during your breaks.

If your manager suspects you of being under the influence of drugs while you’re working, they can order you to take a drug test.

This type of test is a reasonable suspicion drug test. Reasons you can be asked to take a drug test include:

  • Smelling of drugs
  • Unsteady movements
  • Excessive clumsiness
  • Inability to understand instructions
  • Slurred speech
  • Drowsiness and falling asleep
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Paranoia
  • Emotional outbursts

Albertsons also carries out post-accident drug testing.

Employers use post-accident drug testing to protect themselves and their insurers against lawsuits, and to minimize payouts for sick pay, medical bills, and disability costs.

If you have an accident at Albertsons and injure yourself or another person, or damage company property, you will be asked to take a drug test.

U.S. Department of Labor statistics reveal that 65% of workplace accidents may be attributable to drug or alcohol use, so it’s little wonder that employers are keen on this type of drug testing.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Albertsons Use?

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Albertsons Use?

For pre-employment drug testing at distribution centers, Albertsons uses a mouth swab drug test.

For this test, you need to hold an absorbent sponge in your mouth for a few minutes while it collects your saliva. An indicator on the swab stick will signal when the collection is complete. Then the swab is placed inside a container that displays the result in a few minutes.

You’ll be tested for:

  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamines and methamphetamine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

As long as you abstain for 48 hours before you attend your interview, you’ll pass the saliva drug test.

Saliva tests are also used for reasonable suspicion drug tests, while post-accident drug testing requires a urine test.

A breathalyzer is used to test for alcohol.

Can You Use Medical Marijuana At Albertsons?

Even though many states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, that doesn’t mean that you can use it at work.

Marijuana is still a Schedule 1 illegal drug at the federal level, and employers tend to base their workplace drug testing policies on federal drug classifications.

Being under the influence of marijuana at work would violate Albertson’s drug-free workplace policy, and if you have an accident at work and test positive for marijuana, you could lose your job and be denied coverage for your medical expenses.

As a medical marijuana patient, it’s vital for you to understand the medical marijuana laws with respect to employment in your state, and to know the exact details of your employer’s drug and alcohol policy.

When states began to legalize medical marijuana use, they neglected to enact strong employment protection legislation at the same time. Employment protection laws are working their way through some state legislatures, but over the years the courts have seen lawsuit after lawsuit from medical marijuana users who’ve been terminated for failing a drug test.

And employment protections, where they exist, are weakest when a job is classified as a safety-sensitive position, which is the case for all Albertson’s distribution center roles.

Many Albertsons employees belong to the United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW). If your store or distribution center is unionized and you join the union, you can contact your union and ask them to explain your rights.

Quick Summary

For store-based positions, you won’t need to take a pre-employment drug test.

If you apply for a distribution center position, you’ll need to pass a mouth swab drug test which is carried out after a successful interview. Albertson’s truck drivers must pass a DOT urine test as part of the hiring process.

All Albertsons employees are subject to reasonable cause drug tests and post-accident drug tests. Truck drivers are also subject to random drug testing. Failing a drug test is grounds for dismissal.

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