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What Is The Temperature Of Pee For A Drug Test?

If this is your first time using synthetic or substituted urine for a drug test, you’ve probably got a lot of questions you need answers to. The most common questions about using fake urine include:

  • What is the temperature of pee for a drug test?
  • How to keep urine warm for a drug test?
  • How can I test the temperature of urine?
  • What’s the best way to hide fake urine?

There’s so much you need to get to get right when you’re trying to cheat a urinalysis with a friend’s urine or fake pee, and if you get anything wrong, the consequences of a failed test can be life-changing.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide which will answer all of your questions about using fake or substituted urine for a drug test.

Let’s get started!

What Is The Temperature Of Pee For A Drug Test?

What Is The Temperature Of Pee For A Drug Test?

The temperature of pee for a drug test should be between 90 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you use Celsius, the temperature range is 32 – 38 degrees Celsius.

If your urine sample is within that range it will be accepted as a valid sample.

The ideal urine temperature you should aim for is 98F or 37C. This is because when you pee normally, the temperature of your urine will be the same as your body temperature which is 98.6F or 37C.

How Will The Urine Collector Test The Temperature Of My Urine?

At the clinic or collection site, the temperature of your urine will be checked in one of two ways.

  • The sample cup itself will have a temperature indicator on the side. These sample cups use a liquid crystal display temperature strip. The strip usually has a Fahrenheit scale across the top which measures temperatures between 90F and 100F, and a Celius scale on the bottom measuring between 23C and 38C. When you add your pee or fake urine to the cup, a green dot appears on the temperature strip showing the temperature of the sample.
  • For sample cups without a temperature strip, the collection technician will test the temperature with a digital thermometer.

Once the urine is in the sample cup, it will cool quickly so don’t waste time in the bathroom. Hand the sample to the technician within 4 minutes.

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What Happens If The Urine Sample Is The Wrong Temperature?

If your urine sample is too hot or too cold, the sample will not be valid for testing. Usually, when a sample is invalid, you’ll be asked to provide another sample, and depending on the purpose of your test, the second collection may be observed.

If you don’t have a backup sample ready to go, you have two options, refuse to provide a sample, or pee and provide urine that you know will fail the test.

If you do have a backup sample and the collection is observed, you won’t be able to use it unless the sample is concealed in a urination device consisting of a bladder bag and tube.

The best way to make sure that your urine sample is at the correct temperature is to practice at home to get it right, so you don’t run the risk of a second urine sample collection.

How To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test – What’s The Best Way?

How To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test - What’s The Best Way?

You’ve got several options to choose from to keep your urine warm for a drug test.

  1. Hand warmers
  2. Thermos flask
  3. Your own body
  4. A battery-powered device
  5. A fake urine kit

Which is the best way? Well, each method works as long as you do it properly, and as we already mentioned, that means testing your process at home a few times so you can be certain that the temperature will be within the acceptable range.

Let’s look at each method in more detail.

Keeping Urine Warm With Hand warmers

We’ll start with the hand warmer method because it’s cheap and you can pick up a packet of hand warmers in most stores. Are there better methods? Sure. But better methods cost more, and if money is tight, those other methods could be out of your reach.

A hand warmer will keep pre-heated urine warm or heat up cold urine. But this is a tricky method that you absolutely must experiment with before you take your test.

Hand warmers heat up to a much higher temperature than you need when they’re first activated which means they will make your urine too hot.

The HotHands brand of hand warmers take between 15 and 30 minutes to reach their maximum temperature which is 158 degrees Fahrenheit or 70 degrees Celsius, and that’s way too hot for your urine.

The temperature of the hand warmers will reduce a little over time but they take many hours to drop down to body temperature.

When used as hand warmers (as intended by the manufacturer) the average temperature over the 10-hour warming period is 135 degrees Fahrenheit or 57 Celsius which is still far too hot.

Temperature Tests on HotHands

After 1 hour the heat pad is at 140F/60C

After 2 hours the heat pad is at 135F/57C

After 6 hours the temperature is 113F/45C

After 8 hours the temperature is 93F/34C

Because the pads are so hot, when you use hand warmers to keep your urine warm, you’ll need to place a buffer between the urine bottle and the hand warmer to moderate the amount of heat that transfers to the urine.

Some people place the urine container in a sock with a hand warmer on the outside to keep the urine warm while they travel to the collection location. They they remove the hand warmer and hide the urine bottle or bag inside their underwear (see below).

To make sure the urine is at the right temperature before you use it at the testing center, test your sample with a small digital thermometer designed for oral use.

If the sample is too warm, swirl it around in the cup to help it cool and blow across the top.

Use a Thermos Flask To Keep Urine Warm

Use a Thermos Flask To Keep Urine Warm

This method will keep urine warm while you travel to the test center. Then you’ll need to pour the urine into a small bottle or bag and transfer it to your underwear (see below).

A Thermos flask is an insulated container intended to keep drinks hot or cold. These flasks use a vacuum layer between the inner and outer surfaces of the flask which slows down heat loss. Any warm liquid you place inside a Thermos flask will retain its temperature for many hours.

When you use a Thermos flask, the temperature of the urine will not increase, so unlike the hand warmer method, you don’t need to worry about the urine getting too hot.

Once you add the urine or fake pee to the flask, it will remain at the correct temperature until you remove it.

If you don’t want to fiddle around with pouring urine, buy a wide-mouth flask, so you can place the sealed bottle or pouch of urine inside the flask and then remove it easily.

Otherwise use a small funnel when you pour the urine from the flask into the bottle or pouch you’re going to take into the test center with you.

A flask is a great method if you’re in a car because you can transfer the urine and then hide the bottle in your underwear in relative privacy.

But if you need to walk, take an Uber, or travel on a bus, you’ll need to find a bathroom so you can get ready.

Thermos flasks come in many different sizes and on Amazon you can even buy mini 4 oz (118 ml) flasks that are the perfect size to hold enough urine for a test sample.

To allow for the drop in temperature while you transfer the urine from the flask to the container, heat your sample a few degrees higher than you need it to be.

Practice pouring warm water from the flask into the container so you can do it quickly and with minimal temperature loss.

Using Your Body Heat To Keep A Urine Sample Warm

This method is very simple but it can be uncomfortable if you need to keep the sample on you for a while.

For the body heat method, all you need to do is place the container of urine inside your underwear next to your skin.


You can place the urine container inside your bra or inside your underpants. A sports bra is a good choice because it’s nice and secure. Place the container under or between your breasts.

If you want to conceal the sample in your underpants, choose a pair of boy shorts and add a pair of cycling shorts or lycra exercise shorts over the top to keep the bottle snug against your skin. Place the urine container at the top of your inner thigh.

Stash undies that come with a secret pocket can also work.


Choose a tight pair of briefs or shorts and wear cycling shorts over the top, underneath your regular pants. Fans of this method advise placing the urine container under your scrotum.

Briefs with a pocket for a sports cup (jock pocket) are also a good choice.

What type of container should you use?

Any clean, small container with a tight-fitting cap that can hold up to 60 ml of liquid will work although a plastic bottle is fairly uncomfortable to keep inside your underwear.

A popular, more comfortable alternative to a bottle is a tied-off condom. You’ll just need a safety pin to pierce it which you can pin to the front of your underwear. If you wear earrings, then the post of any stud-style earring can be used to poke a hole in the condom…

Small Ziploc bags will also work but you’ll need to test the bag well to make sure that it won’t leak. Doubling up on the bags will provide extra leak protection.

Test out the body heat method at home to find the most comfortable and secure container-underwear combination. There’s no need to use urine, you can use warm water while you run your tests.

Practice walking, climbing stairs, bending and sitting with the container in place. If you’ll be driving to your test, see how everything feels as you climb into and out of your car or truck. Test various time frames ½ hour, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc., to make sure you can keep the container in place and at the correct temperature.

Warming Urine With A Battery Powered Warming Device

The best-known battery-powered urine warming device is The Urinator. The device uses two 9v Duracell batteries to power a small digitally controlled heating element. A digital sensor monitors the temperature of the urine in the urine bladder and only activates the heating pad if the temperature drops below 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

One new set of batteries will keep the temperature of the urine at 98 F for at least 4 hours. Providing a sample using The Urinator is very simple because the urine bladder has a tube attached. If you conceal the urine bladder inside your underpants or wear it strapped to your inner thigh, you can just pull the tube out and fill the sample cup.

The Urinator comes with a soft bladder bag that will hold your urine, a syringe for filling the bladder, a heating pad, concentrated synthetic urine, a flexible tube, and temperature strips. You’ll also need to purchase 2 Duracell 9v batteries. The batteries must be brand new and the device is only guaranteed to work with Duracell brand batteries.

To use The Urinator, mix the powdered urine and warm it to the correct temperature, then fill the bladder and let the unit stabilize for around 20 minutes. Once stabilized you can conceal the bladder in your underwear and head out for your test.

The urine bladder has a temperature indicator on the side, so you’ll know the exact temperature of the urine when it’s time to give the sample.

Warming Urine With A Powdered Urine Kit

The Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit comes with everything you need for your test.

  • Powdered urine
  • Sample bottle
  • Temperature strip
  • Heat pack

Before your test, fill the mixing tube with water that’s at room temperature, then add the powdered urine, screw on the cap, and shake the tube until the powder dissolves.

Next, open the heater pack and stick it to the tube. After 45 minutes the temperature indicator will show you that the urine is at the correct temperature. The heater pack will keep your sample warm for up to 6 hours.

According to Test Clear, the powdered urine they sell is exactly the same as the powdered urine used to calibrate lab testing machines.

Just before you go inside the test center, remove the heater pack and place the urine-filled tube inside your bra or underpants.

Now you know how to keep urine warm for a drug test and you know what temperature the pee you’re using should be. The next thing you need to know is what substance to use in place of your own urine.

Urine Substitution and Fake Urine

Urine Substitution and Fake Urine

Real urine that’s drug-free is always the best choice, but unless you can trust the urine donor 100%, you can’t be certain that their urine will be clean.

If you’re lucky, and you have a friend or relative that never uses drugs, asking them to pee in a cup for you is all you need to do to get clean urine for your drug test. Just make sure that they aren’t taking any prescription medications that could cause a positive test result.

If you won’t be using their urine the same day that you collect it, you should freeze the sample until you need to use it. Urine can be frozen for up to 6 months.

If real urine isn’t an option for you, then you’ll need to use synthetic urine

We’ve already mentioned the powdered urine available from Test Clear, but there are some other options that drug users rely on when they need to pass a urine test.

  • Quick Fix 6.3 (a most popular choice)
  • Clear Choice Sub Solution
  • Upass 8.4
  • Quick Luck

Wrapping Up

When you take a urine test, your sample needs to be as close to your body temperature as possible. The acceptable temperature range for a pee is 90F to 100F or 32C to 38C. If your sample is outside, that range it won’t be accepted and you’ll be asked to provide a new sample right away.

Popular methods for keeping a urine sample warm for a drug test include using hand warmers, Thermos flasks, body heat, and urine kits that come with heaters.

Whatever method you decide to use, you’ll need to run thorough tests at home so that you’re fully prepared on test day.

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