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Housing For Felons in Minnesota

Felony friendly housing in Minneapolis is hard to come by but with the tips below, you will be way on your way to safe, affordable housing.

Felons struggle to acclimate back into society after a prison stint. A felony record is a heavy burden to carry. Prison is a structured setting where inmates are told when to eat, shower, exercise, and sleep.

Once paroled, the structure evaporates leaving inmates torn about what they should do from one minute to the next. Property management firms and landlords are not always partial to felon tenants.

Hold Off On Apartment Complex Applications

Felon friendly housing mn

Large apartment complexes are oftentimes owned by a group of investors. Property management firms are some of the strictest landlords.

When multiple investors are involved, the rental property contract or lease is set in stone. Landlords, on the other hand, have the option of being more flexible and laid back.

Felons should push major apartment complexes to the bottom of their list of prospects. Property management companies charge exorbitant application fees.

Property managers are not always forthcoming about the rules pertaining to felons. Felons should be honest about their criminal record to avoid unnecessary application fees.

Some property management companies charge between $20 and $100 for tenant screening which includes a background check and credit check.

Charity And Non-Profit Organizations

Charities, rescue ministries, and non-profits help homeless people find safe shelter. Most homeless shelters offer temporary shelter until permanent housing becomes available.

Minnesota homeless shelters, such as The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center, Mary’s Place, People Serving People, Haven Housing, and Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities, are open to taking felons.

Public Housing Authority

Each state has a public housing authority. In Minnesota, the Minnesota Public Housing Authority or MPHA will prove to be very helpful when you begin your search for felony-friendly accommodations. The organization works with HUD to help low-income families find and afford rentals.

Usually, the rent is based on the annual median income for the community in question. Furthermore, the MPHA will work with the landlord on your behalf.

Before visiting a local MPHA office, consider booking an appointment. After all, the demand for affordable housing is at an all-time high and the officers will be very busy. Your name will be added to a list and you may have to wait for a while.

Check Craigslist For Apartment Listings

Craigslist can be hit or miss, but it is still worth checking out. The website is great for finding job openings, cheap merchandise, and suitable apartments. When a landlord lists an apartment on Craigslist, there is a good chance that they’ll tell whether or not they’ll rent to felons.

Therefore, you won’t have to call unless you know for certain that you’re an eligible candidate. Using Craigslist is another good way to find felony friendly housing MN.

The site should have a search engine to help narrow your options. Otherwise, you can browse the site’s listings until you find what you need. If the landlord doesn’t specify its policy, you may need to call to ask whether they accept felons.

Just be careful when using Craigslist because it can be a hotbed for scams. Don’t give your personal information unless you’re positive that you’re dealing with a reputable landlord.

Look For Reentry Programs

Most states maintain reentry listings. The Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Office of Justice may be able to help. You can also search for reentry programs in your respective area.

These programs are very beneficial because they can help you obtain money, a job, and an apartment. Speak to your parole officer to see if they know about any reentry problems in your city.

Religious Groups In Minnesota

Religious Groups In Minnesota

Religious groups, churches, and ministries are always eager to help people in need. Rest assured knowing that these organizations are going to help felons. If you need rental assistance, a local church can probably help.

If they can’t find a suitable rental, they can likely help you find a spot at a local shelter for the time being. They’ll also offer emotional and spiritual support during this difficult time.

Speak To Family And Friends

If you’re looking for felony friendly landlords in MN, you should try speaking to friends and family members. Your family is your support system and they’re going to do everything possible to keep you on the right path.

Talk to them to see if they have any suggestions. They might have connections with local landlords making it easier to secure a suitable rental.

Can Felons Be Denied Rentals

The word “discrimination” is a tricky topic. Although it is often illegal to discriminate, there are exceptions to this rule. In some situations, it will be legal for a company or landlord to discriminate against a customer.

For instance, this happens when someone is denied a credit card for having a bad credit score. The same can happen when a felon is attempting to get an apartment.

However, there are some cases when this isn’t true. Unfortunately, most felony convictions will make it very difficult to get a rental. You shouldn’t be surprised if your criminal record leads to several rental refusals.

Housing for Felons in Minnesota (Other Notable Suggestions)

Finding the best felony friendly apartments Minneapolis has to offer will not be easy. After all, many landlords are not eager to give felons a second chance. Nevertheless, there are options out there if you’re willing to search high and love. Try the advice below.

Always Dress To Impress

When you attend interviews with landlords, make sure that you dress to impress and always carry yourself professionally. If you’re low on cash, you can always buy dress clothes from a local thrift store or a yard sale. Regardless, your attire can make a big difference.

Ask The Right Questions

Be sure to ask the right questions. In some cases, it is best to be blunt and upfront. Ask straight out if the landlord is willing to work with felons.

If they say no, you can spend time looking elsewhere. Just make sure you word your questions professionally to avoid being off-putting.

Be Consistent

When you’re searching for Felon friendly housing mn, you have to be consistent. It is common for people to relocate due to job changes, disputes, college, and other reasons.

Therefore, an opening may become available today or tomorrow. Check back regularly to see whether an opening is available even if it wasn’t a week ago.

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