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DoorDash Background Check

If you’re hoping to start earning extra income making deliveries for DoorDash in your spare time, you might be feeling a little apprehensive about passing the DoorDash background check.

Background checks can seem daunting, especially when you don’t know what a background check will reveal about you, or what effect the results will have on your chances of getting hired.

Having more information is always a good idea whenever you’re making a decision about which companies you should apply to so that you don’t waste your time applying for jobs that you’ll never be able to get.

In this article, we’ll answer all of your questions about the DoorDash background check and tell you more about the application process itself, along with the requirements you’ll need to meet to become a DoorDasher.

Does DoorDash Carry Out A Background Check?

Does DoorDash Background Check

The first thing to know about the DoorDash hiring process is that they absolutely will require you to pass a background check. This is true whether you’re applying to make deliveries with your vehicle, or you just plan to use your bike or scooter.

Customer service workers and corporate staff also have to pass a background check if they want to work for DoorDash.

When you work as a DoorDash delivery driver, you are actually an independent contractor and not a DoorDash employee. Because of this, the background check is less comprehensive in some areas.

Even so, the main element of the background check that causes the most anxiety remains in place for everyone, and that’s the criminal record background check.

A criminal record background check is necessary to make sure that DoorDash can uphold its safety standards within the DoorDash community.

That community is made up of delivery drivers called Dashers, delivery customers, and the staff in partner stores and restaurants.

The DoorDash background check takes place with your permission and it’s carried out once you’ve submitted your application.

DoorDash doesn’t carry out the background check themselves, instead, they use a credit reporting agency called Checkr.

In case you’re confused about why a credit reporting agency is carrying out your background check, don’t worry. Credit reporting agencies carry out the majority of background checks, and a background check is actually a type of credit report. This is why they are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

While some employment background checks do include a credit report, the background check for an independent DoorDash delivery driver doesn’t require one.

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What Will The DoorDash Background Check Look For?

What Will The DoorDash Background Check Look For?

As we already mentioned, your background check will carry out a search to find out if you have a criminal record and, if so, what types of offenses you committed and how long ago they happened.

Your driving record will be checked via a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) and this report will cover the last 3 years.

Your MVR reports both non-criminal driving violations as well as criminal offenses.

Non-criminal violations are:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield
  • Failure to signal
  • Driving without proper lights
  • Not wearing a seatbelt

Criminal Offenses are:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Reckless driving
  • Fleeing the scene of an accident
  • Vehicle homicide
  • Hit and Run

How Far Back Does DoorDash Background Check Go?

As far as we know, the DoorDash background check will usually go back 7 years, but they can go back further if they want to. DoorDash doesn’t actually say how far back they ask Checkr to look, but many drivers report their checks looked at the last 7 years of their background.

However, some drivers report that criminal convictions going back over 10 years ago were included in their reports, so we can’t say with certainty that the background report only goes back 7 years.

If you don’t have any felony convictions, your background report will only reveal 7 years of your history. Seven years is the length of time permitted by the FCRA (without felonies) and this is the time period most often reported by other DoorDashers.

Your background check will report on any arrests, charges, pending charges, warrants, misdemeanor convictions, felony convictions, and civil judgments.

While we believe that the background check will stop at 7 years, the FCRA rules don’t cover felony convictions, which have no time limit on how long they can be reported. And it may be the case that any older felony conviction you have is, in fact, included in your report.

However, some states have imposed a 7-year limit for the reporting of felony convictions. These states are:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Nevado
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Washington

As far as determining which offenses would disqualify you from DoorDash, offenses involving theft, violence, or sexual assault would probably lead to rejection.

What Is The DoorDash Continuous Background Check?

What Is The DoorDash Continuous Background Check?

Besides passing an initial background check to begin working as a Dasher, you have to agree to ongoing background checks, which take place each year that you are active on the platform.

The exceptions to this requirement are in California and in Massachusetts, where you are only required to pass the initial background check.

The purpose of regular background checks is to make sure that DoorDashers haven’t committed crimes or driving offenses that would be incompatible with making deliveries for the company.

Because you’re in regular contact with customers and other members of the public, DoorDash needs to know that you are still of good character and a safe driver.

So if, for example, you accumulate a few traffic violations throughout the year, these could make it impossible for you to continue working as a delivery driver.

Even though you have a delivery deadline to meet when you drive for DoorDash, you shouldn’t drive over the speed limit or break other traffic rules in an attempt to hit your target. Meeting a delivery target is not worth getting a ticket over, or potentially losing your license for.

Will DoorDash Hire You With A Misdemeanor On Your Record?

It depends on what the misdemeanor was for and how long ago it happened. Some people with misdemeanors have been approved to work as delivery drivers while others have not.

The older the conviction, the less impact it should have, particularly if you have kept your record clean in the meantime.

It is very probable, though, that any convictions for theft or violence, or driving misdemeanors will work against you.

Does DoorDash Hire Felons As Delivery Drivers?

Again, it depends on the nature of the felony and on how long ago the offense took place. DoorDash doesn’t have any policies in place to automatically reject applicants with felonies on their record and they would be in violation of the Civil Rights Act if they did.

But they have not yet signed up for the Ban The Box movement, which removes the question about criminal convictions on application forms.

They aren’t part of the Second Chance initiative either. The Second Chance initiative works with companies to remove some of the barriers that felons face when they’re trying to put their lives back together.

But while DoorDash hasn’t signaled any extra willingness to accommodate felons, they evaluate applications on a case-by-case basis, so if you have a felony, it might not mean rejection.

Some ex-felons have shared that they have been accepted by DoorDash even with more recent felonies falling within the 7-year period.

The only way you’ll know if your convictions will count against you is by applying.

If DoorDash uses information from your background report as grounds for rejecting your application, you are legally entitled to see a copy of the background report so you can check it for accuracy and have any mistakes corrected.

When they send the copy of the report, you will be able to see the exact information that the reporting agencies discovered about you, and this will help you to make decisions about how to approach applications with other employers.

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Do You Have To Pass A Drug Test For DoorDash?

Do You Have To Pass A Drug Test For DoorDash?

No. Currently, there is no need to pass a drug test to make deliveries for DoorDash.

Once your background check has been approved, no further checks need to be made before you can begin work.

That being said, if you have any drug-related arrests, charges, or convictions on your background report, DoorDash may decide to reject your application.

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How Do You Apply To Be A DoorDash Delivery Driver?

The application for DoorDash delivery drivers is really simple, and it only takes a few minutes to provide your details.

But we advise you to take your time and carefully read through the contractor agreement terms and conditions first. While it’s tempting to quickly agree to terms and conditions without reading them so you can move on to the next part of the process, you really do need to read them. The contractor agreement is legally binding and you must know what you’re agreeing to.

Before you apply, you’ll need to have your driver’s license details, Social Security number, vehicle information, and bank details ready.

Go to the DoorDash website and select Become A Dasher from the main menu. Or download the DoorDash Driver App and select the Become A Dasher option.

Click the link to read through the terms and conditions. Once you’re satisfied that you can agree to the terms, enter your Zip Code, then click on Next.

Enter your email address, then add your phone number. After that, you enter your personal details and agree to the background check.

The next step is entering your vehicle details. You’ll need to enter your vehicle type (car, scooter, motorcycle), make, model, and color.

They need this information so that customers have a way to verify the identity of their driver before they open their door.

Now, check the box to confirm that you have auto insurance. After that, enter your driver’s license information, your birthdate, and your Social Security number.

On the next page, check through the disclosures and authorizations, then check the box to receive a copy of your background report.

The next step is providing your street address, and then the last information you need to provide are the details for your contractor’s W-9 tax form so that you can be paid.

Then agree to sign the form electronically and draw your signature.

To finish setting up your payment details, you need to add your bank account checking and routing numbers. If you plan to use the Fast Pay option, you set that up at this stage.

Now you can sign into the app and wait to be notified that you can start making deliveries.

How Soon Do DoorDash Pay?

DoorDash is actually very good with the options they give you for getting paid.

If you prefer to receive your earnings once a week, then you can have your money transferred directly to your bank account.

DoorDash uses direct deposit, so you’ll need to have a checking account that can receive direct deposits. Some types of bank accounts, like savings accounts, won’t usually be suitable.

Direct deposit payments have no fee attached and are processed each Sunday for all of the money you earned that week. DoorDash says that your money should be in your account by Wednesday night.

If you don’t enjoy waiting to get paid, you can choose DoorDash Fast Pay. With Fast Pay, you get paid every day, but you will have to pay a small fee when you receive each payment.

And there’s an even faster way to get your DoorDash money. You can set up A Dasher Direct debit card and have your money instantly transferred to the card after every delivery.

The fast payment options really help you to manage your DoorDash driving expenses.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Know If I Passed a background check

How Long Does DoorDash Background Check Take?

The background check is usually fairly fast. Some drivers report being cleared to drive after just 2 or 3 days. In other cases, the background check takes longer and DoorDash themselves says you should expect to wait between 5 and 7 days.

How Do I Know If I Passed DoorDash Background Check?

When you pass the background check, DoorDash will contact you by text or email to let you know. You can also keep a check on your background check progress on the website where you made your application.

What Would Make You Fail A DoorDash Background Check?

You would fail the background check if your criminal record check reveals certain offenses, including theft, violent crime, or sexual offenses.

If you indicated on your application that you intend to use your vehicle to make deliveries, then your driving record would also disqualify you if you have more than 3 incidents listed during the last 3 years.

How Strict Is DoorDash Background?

The background check makes a search to find any criminal records you have and they will also look at your driving record.

A criminal record search generally goes back 7 years, but some applicants have reported felony convictions from over 10 years ago being included on their report. The driving record check looks at the last 3 years.

How Does DoorDash Determine Background Check?

DoorDash uses a background checking company called Checkr to carry out their pre-hire checks. Checkr confirms your personal details and carries out a criminal background search to find out about arrests, misdemeanor convictions, and felony convictions.

If you intend to make DoorDash deliveries in your vehicle, they will also run a Motor Vehicle Report to check your driving record,

What Will Disqualify You From DoorDash?

To deliver for DoorDash, you need to be at least 18 years old and eligible to work. You’ll need a Social Security number, and for deliveries with a vehicle, you’ll need a valid driver’s license. DoorDash also requires you to have a vehicle insurance policy with you as a named driver.

Before you can be approved for their platform, DoorDash will run a background check which will look at your criminal record and driving history. Any more than 3 incidents on your driving record over the last 3 years will disqualify you from becoming a delivery driver, as will certain criminal convictions.

Summing Up

The DoorDash delivery application is quick and easy to complete and the DoorDash background check is fairly basic. Once you have agreed to the background check, it takes anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks for the background check to come back.

If your background check reveals a criminal record, DoorDash will look at the nature of the offenses and when they occurred to determine if they can allow you to work on their platform.

For delivery driver applicants using a vehicle, you will also need to pass a Motor Vehicle Report check and have no more than 3 recent incidents on your driving record.