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Does Wendy’s Drug Test?

If you’re thinking about putting in an application at Wendy’s and wondering, “Does Wendy’s drug test?” wonder no more. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Wendy’s is one of the largest burger chains in the world, coming in at number three, behind McDonald’s and Burger King. Job opportunities are plentiful in the fast food business, and when you need a job in a hurry, one of your local fast food outlets is sure to have an opening.

Does Wendy’s Drug Test For Crew Member Positions?

Does Wendy’s Drug Test

The vast majority of Wendy’s restaurants are operated under the franchise model. The most recent figures available put corporate-owned Wendy’s at 353, and franchise-owned Wendy’s at 6,358.

Franchise operators are free to set their own drug testing policies, and the majority of Wendy’s crew members sharing information about the company, state that they did not have to take a drug test during the hiring process.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to take a drug test at the Wendy’s that you apply to, only that a drug test is extremely unlikely.

Fast food restaurants in general don’t drug test employees, and one reason for this is the rate of employee turnover and the costs involved in drug testing.

Entry-level fast food jobs are at the lower end of the pay scale, which means that employers can’t afford to be too picky with their hiring requirements. If drug testing fast food workers was standard practice, they wouldn’t be able to staff their restaurants.

Whether you’re applying for a job at your local Wendy’s, Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Arby’s, etc., pre-employment drug testing won’t usually be part of the hiring process.

Does Wendys Drug Test For Management Positions?

Again, drug testing for management positions will be location dependent and will follow whatever procedures the owner of Wendy’s franchise has put in place.

Some locations do have a drug testing requirement in place for management candidates and for promotions, while other restaurants don’t test anyone at all.

The only way to know if a drug test will be required is to ask. You can call the restaurant and, without giving your name, make a general inquiry about the hiring process. Ask how many interviews will be given, how much experience you need, if there’s a background check and a drug test, and when you would be expected to start.

Does Wendy’s Drug Test Employees?

Even though you won’t need to pass a pre-employment drug test, you’ll still need to follow the drug-free workplace policy in force at all Wendy’s outlets.

Employees are not permitted to use drugs or alcohol on the premises or work while they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Violating the policy is grounds for termination.

Wendy’s employees report that drug testing does take place if there’s a reasonable suspicion that a crew member is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drug testing after an accident is also carried out.

Reasonable Cause Drug Testing

Reasonable cause drug testing can be carried out if your manager suspects that you’re working under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Wendy’s restaurants have standards to uphold regarding health and safety and customer service.

Restaurants can also be dangerous places to work. Floors are often slippery with water and cooking grease residue, giving rise to slips and falls. Grills and fryers are super hot and present a burn risk, and sharp knives and slicers can easily cause deep cuts.

The fast pace of work in a busy fast food restaurant already increases the risk of accidents and crew members working under the influence of drugs is a recipe for disaster.

Signs of drug use that could give rise to suspicion include:

  • Red or bloodshot eyes
  • Slurred speech
  • Unsteady movement
  • Drowsiness or falling asleep
  • Inability to follow instructions
  • Emotional or aggressive outbursts
  • Paranoia
  • Excessive clumsiness
  • Smelling of drugs or alcohol

As long as you don’t go to work with drugs in your system, you won’t be subject to a reasonable cause drug test at Wendy’s.

Post Accident Drug Testing

One type of drug test that employers don’t skimp on is post-accident drug testing. Because they need to protect themselves from lawsuits and damages claims, they carry out drug testing to discover if drug use was a factor in an accident.

Most workers’ comp insurance providers also require post-accident drug testing, so to follow the terms of their insurance agreements, employers insist on a drug test whenever an employee is injured in a way that could lead to a workers’ comp claim.

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What Type Of Drug Test Does Wendy’s Use?

If you’re required to take a drug test at Wendy’s, the type of drug test you’re given will depend on the franchise owner’s drug testing policy.

As already mentioned, drug testing during the hiring process for crew members is rare, but reasonable suspicion and post-accident drug testing are more common.

A drug test can take a number of forms, but for employment purposes, saliva and urine drug tests are the most widely used type of drug screen.

A reasonable suspicion drug test could take either form, but from employee feedback, it appears that urinalysis is used for post-accident drug tests at Wendy’s.

Saliva Drug Tests

Saliva drug tests are also known as oral fluid tests and mouth swab tests. For a saliva test, saliva is collected in one of two ways. You’re given an absorbent sponge to hold in your mouth while it absorbs your saliva, or a cotton swab (like a Q-Tip) is used to collect a saliva sample from your inner cheek or gumline.

Saliva tests can be analyzed on the spot so you’ll know the result right away, or they can be sent out to a lab, which means you’ll have to wait a few days before you know if you passed.

Saliva tests have a fairly short detection window and will only show very recent drug use.

  • Opiates – 48 hours (72 hours for morphine)
  • Marijuana – 48 hours (longer with heavy use)
  • Cocaine – 48 hours
  • Amphetamines and methamphetamine – 48 hours
  • Phencyclidine (PCP) – 48 hours

Urine Drug Tests

Urine tests are a more thorough type of drug test and they have a longer detection window than saliva tests.

When you provide your urine sample, you’ll be given a sample cup to take to a bathroom where you’ll need to collect around 45ml of your urine.

Your sample will be checked for temperature as soon as you hand it over, then it could be analyzed on the spot or sent out to a lab.

Either way, some checks are made to make sure that the sample hasn’t been diluted. Your sample is checked for pH, specific gravity, and for the level of a protein called creatinine. If any of these falls outside normal levels, you’ll fail the test.

With a urine test, drugs detection times are as follows:

  • Opiates – up to 4 days
  • Cocaine – up to 4 days
  • Amphetamines and methamphetamine – up to 4 days
  • Marijuana – up to 30 days (heavy use can be even longer, up to 90 days in some cases)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP) – up to 14 days

Can You Use Medical Marijuana At Wendy’s?

Because working under the influence of drugs is against the policy in force at Wendy’s corporate and franchise-owned restaurants, it’s very unlikely that you could use medical marijuana.

If you appeared to be under the influence of an illegal drug and were incapable of performing your duties to the required standard, your manager could give you a drug test, and if you tested positive, you would lose your job.

Even though many states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, it’s still illegal at the federal level, and most companies continue to apply the federal classification to their drug policies.

When a drug test screens for marijuana, it detects THC metabolites. THC is the psychoactive component in marijuana responsible for its intoxicating effects. When your body processes THC, it breaks it down, and it’s these marijuana metabolites that the test picks up.

CBD is another component of cannabis that is used to alleviate pain, anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia. While not as potent as substances containing THC, CBD can be effective without causing intoxication, and CBD won’t show on a drug test.

As long as you make sure your CBD oil, tincture, gummies, or soft gels are THC free (some aren’t), it can be a viable alternative to marijuana during your workday.

Summing Up

Pre-employment drug testing is rare at Wendy’s. Most Wendy’s restaurants are owned by franchisees and while all restaurants have to follow the drug-free workplace policy, franchise owners are free to set their own drug testing policies.

Although you won’t usually face a drug test during the hiring process, you could be asked to take a drug test if you appear to be under the influence of drugs at work. Drug tests are also required after an accident that results in an injury.

Saliva drug tests and urine drug tests are both used when the need arises, and the type used will depend on Wendy’s franchise.