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Does Target Hire Felons?

Target is a major retailer with over 1900 big box stores spread across every state in the nation, and 51 strategically placed distribution centers. The company employs over 400,000 workers but will they employ you? Does Target hire felons?

When you’ve got a felony conviction on your record, finding a job can be a big challenge.

You search through job listing websites and see major companies with thousands of job openings. Jobs that you’re qualified for and eager to do.

But you know all too well, that your felony could be a stumbling block, so you’re hesitant to apply before you know whether you’ll be wasting your time.

Does Target Hire Felons in 2024?

Does Target Hire Felons

Target does hire felons. That’s good news because too many employers still reject applications from individuals with criminal records.

Data shows that ex-offenders have an unemployment rate of over 27% which is far higher than the official unemployment rate has ever been.

Thankfully, Target doesn’t discriminate against applicants with a criminal background, unless hiring an individual would pose a threat to their business.

Target doesn’t have an all-embracing policy when it comes to hiring felons though. They’ll review criminal records on a case-by-case basis.

The type of felony offense on your record will matter a great deal. And some types of offense are a deal breaker for a retailer like Target.

The age of your offense will be another factor that could work in your favor or count against you. The older an offense, the better your chance of being hired.

Target Doesn’t Ask About Your Criminal record When You Apply

Target has signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge. The Fair Chance Business Pledge is an initiative targeted at removing barriers to employment for people with a criminal record.

Companies that take the pledge, commit to delaying asking questions about criminal records until later in the hiring process. This means that you won’t have to answer any questions about your felony on the Target application form.

Without that information, Target will treat your application in the same way as every other application, and then determine your suitability for employment based on your experience, qualifications, interview performance, and availability.

Target is also a member of the Second Chance Business Coalition. The coalition focuses on increasing the number of job opportunities available to people with criminal records.

Does Target Carry Out Background Checks?

Does Target Carry Out Background Checks?

Yes, they do. Even though Target is willing to hire individuals with misdemeanor and felony convictions, they still draw a line in the sand over some offenses, so a criminal record check forms part of their overall background check procedure.

Target waits until you’ve completed a successful interview before carrying out a background check. After your interview, if Target wants to hire you, they will make a conditional job offer.

Once you accept the conditional offer of employment, Target will send you an email with instructions for initiating your background check.

The Target background check is outsourced to a background check agency called Accurate Background. You’ll need to log in to their website using the information from the Target email, and provide some basic personal details.

You’ll be asked for your full name, address, date of birth, social security number, and email address.

The background check also includes a question about criminal convictions. If you’ve been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense, you need to enter some information about the type of offense, and details of when and where the offense took place.

How Far Will The Background Check Go?

Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to this question. Target applicants and employees who have shared information about the hiring process have experienced different things when it comes to how far back a background check goes.

Some report 5 years, others say 7 years, and others report 10 years. From these responses, it’s possible to infer that Target goes as far back as state law allows when they carry out a background check.

Some states have placed a 7-year limit on background checks for employment purposes. These states are:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Washington

Rules vary from state to state, however, and some states allow parole dates and prison release dates to be included in that 7-year limit. This means that in some states offenses older than 7 years can still be discovered.

It’s a good idea to research the employment background check laws in your state, that way you’ll know where you stand whatever company you apply to.

What Felony Offenses Disqualify You From Working At Target?

What Felony Offenses Disqualify You From Working At Target?

Target aims to consider all applicants fairly, and if you’ve got a felony on your record, they will determine if the felony has any relevance to your suitability as a Target employee.

Many types of offenses are classed as felonies, and some offenses have no relevance to employment suitability. A felony for drug possession or a felony DUI, should not be an obstacle to employment at Target.

However, a felony or misdemeanor theft conviction will be a problem, as will any offense involving violence, or an offence of a sexual nature. Having multiple convictions could also lead to disqualification.

Target needs to balance the fairness of its hiring policies with the needs of its business. Those needs include protecting its property, providing a safe working environment for Target team members, and offering a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for its customers.

Theft and fraud are obvious concerns for retailers because of the nature of their business.

Besides product theft (employee shoplifting) employees engage in various types of theft at the cash register. One type of theft involves failing to scan items so an accomplice can get merchandise for free. Another type of theft occurs when employees use their staff discount for friends, family, or an accomplice coming through their checkout.

Employee theft is an enormous problem for retailers, costing them billions of dollars a year, and by excluding applicants with a criminal record for theft or fraud, Target hopes to reduce its losses.

Offenses involving violence are the other convictions that could lead to your conditional job offer being withdrawn.

While past behavior isn’t always indicative of future behavior, companies have to take previous convictions seriously.

If they don’t take care during the hiring process, they could be at risk of a negligent hiring lawsuit if they cause harm to an employee or customer and you have a history of similar behavior.

If you have a conviction involving violence, theft, or fraud, you could still be hired if the offense took place a long time ago and you can show that you are completely rehabilitated.

Does Target Drug Test Applicants?

Does Target Drug Test Applicants?

In most cases, you won’t need to take a drug test to be hired at Target. Drug tests may be required for salaried management positions, certain driving jobs, and asset protection roles.

If the job you apply for requires a drug test, you’ll be told about the requirement during your interview. Drug tests take place only after you accept a conditional offer of employment, and you’ll have 24 hours from that point to submit a sample.

What Jobs Can A Felon Get At Target?

Most jobs on offer at Target are hourly paid entry-level jobs. If you pass the background check, then Target doesn’t consider you a risk to their property, staff, or customers, and you should be eligible for employment in any role.

For any applicant, felon or not, one key to securing a job at Target is being available to work hours that others don’t want to work. This means early shifts, late shifts, overnight shifts, and working at weekends and during holiday periods.

If your personal circumstances allow, you should make it very clear when you apply that you can work a wide range of shifts.

If you’ve got retail experience or any other experience in a customer service role, that will also count in your favor.

All entry-level Target jobs fall under the role of a team member, and the type of work you’ll do varies depending on the department you work in.

Keep in mind that team members can be assigned to different departments if the need arises, so you need to have a flexible, team-focused approach to your work, and be willing to do whatever tasks are necessary.

Team members roles you can apply for at Target stores include positions on the sales floor team, backroom team, and cashier team.

The next level up from team members is the team leader. Having a felony conviction won’t exclude you from being eligible for promotion, but you may find it more difficult to be hired initially if you apply for a team leader position.

Hourly paid roles at Target include a starting wage of at least $15 an hour, health benefits, 401(k) plan, paid time off, tuition assistance, and an employee discount scheme.

Summing Up

Target is open to hiring felons. They’ve signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge and they are a member of the Second Chance Business Coalition. Both initiatives aim to remove the employment barriers faced by individuals with criminal records.

The retailer doesn’t unfairly discriminate against individuals with misdemeanor or felony convictions, and you won’t be asked about your criminal record until late in the hiring process.

However, there is some offense that is incompatible with employment at Target.

If you’ve got a criminal record that involves theft, fraud, a violent offense, or a sexual offence, then Target may withdraw your job offer once your background report comes back.

Because of Target’s willingness to hire felons, you should definitely consider applying for a job with this company.