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Does Publix Hire Felons?

So let’s get on and answer the big question–Does Publix hire felons?

The Great Places to Work survey found that 85% of Publix employees said Publix was a great place to work. That compares to just 57% at many other retailers.

So if a job in retail interests you, and you live in a state where Publix operates, you should put this supermarket chain at the top of your list.

Publix has competitive pay and benefits, and a pleasant and supportive work environment. And because Publix promotes from within, once you’ve got a foot in the door, you’ll have opportunities for promotion that can turn your job into a career.

Does Publix Hire Felons In Their Retail Stores?

Does Publix Hire Felons

Publix will hire applicants with a felony on their record if the felony isn’t too serious, and the candidate looks like a good fit in all other respects.

Having previous retail experience or customer service experience will be a bonus, especially if the store has a lot of applicants to choose from at the time you apply.

The type of entry-level work you can do in a Publix supermarket includes the following:

  • Cashier
  • Bagger
  • Grocery clerk
  • Bakery clerk
  • Floral clerk
  • Deli clerk
  • Customer service assistant
  • Custodian

When you apply to Publix, the application form will ask if you have a criminal record. You need to be honest here. Don’t try to hide anything because they will do a background check.

Publix considers applications on a case-by-case basis and unless your felony was very serious, they won’t hold it against you.

Felonies that will be a problem for Publix include offences like theft (depending on the type and how long ago the offense took place), sexual assault, and violent assault.

Do Publix Hire Felons for Warehouse Jobs?

Publix Distribution does hire felons. As is the case in their retail stores, the type of felony you have on your record will affect their hiring decision. Having a felony won’t automatically disqualify you from working for Publix warehouse, but they won’t hire you if your felony was for a serious offense.

Previous warehouse experience will be an advantage when you apply and the more flexible you are with the hours you can work, the better.

Publix warehouses are modern, clean, efficient, safe, and high-tech workplaces. You’ll get full training in all aspects of your role so you can fit seamlessly into the team and do your job with confidence.

One big opportunity that could come your way when you work in a Publix warehouse is the chance to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and be a Publix truck driver.

Truck driving is a solid career choice for felons and, unlike many of the jobs that felons often have to settle for, truck driving pays a middle-class wage.

Publix posts their truck driving promotions once a quarter, and if you’ve been a valuable employee, you could be chosen for their training program. This means you’ll get paid to train for your CDL (normal cost is $4,000-$6,000) and once you qualify, you’ll drive modern, fully equipped trucks delivering stock from the Publix warehouse to Publix stores.

Usually, you’ll need to work at the warehouse for several years before this opportunity for promotion opens up for you, but in the meantime, other warehouse jobs pay well and come with competitive benefits.

Publix warehouse benefits include sick pay, paid vacation, health cover, tuition reimbursement, and a 401(k) plan. You also get a hot meal during your shift!

Does Publix Do A Background Check?

Does Publix Do A Background Check?

Publix carries out a background check on every applicant. And you’ll need to be honest about your past when you apply.

If you tell them about your felony, they’ll weigh everything up and decide if they can hire you. If you lie, they will find out, and they won’t hire you because of the lie. Your felony may not have disqualified you, but a lie will. Every time.

Publix does a thorough background screen and your felony will pop right up as soon as the check gets underway.

In addition to a criminal record search, Publix will verify your identity to confirm that you are who you say you are, so they know they’re pulling the right background records.

They’ll also check your social security number to make sure you’re eligible to work in the United States.

The background check may also include a credit report and a driving record report depending on the type of role you’ve applied for.

The Publix background check looks at the information you provided about your education and previous employment too. So make sure you provide accurate details.

Publix begins the background check once you’ve accepted a conditional offer of employment.

Does Publix Drug Test Applicants Before Hiring?

Yes, they do. After a successful interview, they’ll ask you to take a drug test. This usually happens right away but they could call you back in for the test a few days later.

The Publix drug test is a simple mouth swab test, and all you need to do is hold a sponge swab in your mouth for a few minutes until the indicator turns blue. Then the swab is packaged in a secure container and sent off to the lab.

At the lab, your sample is screened for:

  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines and methamphetamine, including ecstasy and MDMA
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Applicants for pharmacy positions and warehouse roles will also be screened for marijuana.

Most drugs are usually undetectable after 48 hours on a mouth swab test, but marijuana can show up for longer depending on the level of use.

Tips For Getting Hired At Publix With A Felony

Tips For Getting Hired At Publix With A Felony

Be 100% honest on your application. Remember, if you tell them about your offense, they may hire you. If you lie, they’ll find out, and that will be the end of your chance to work at Publix.

After you’ve filled out your application online at their jobs portal, wait a couple of days, then go into your local store and ask to speak to the department manager, or if possible, the store manager.

All Publix stores have an information board listing the managers, so find the name you need, then go to the customer service desk and ask if you can speak with them.

Go at the least busy time of day so they’ll have a few minutes to spare.

Dress in a smart outfit and carry a copy of your resume with a cover note which includes your contact details and the hours you’re available. Be sure to mention on your note that you have reliable transport, whether that’s your own car or a bus route. Clip a nice headshot to your note and pop everything into a clear document wallet.

When you meet with the manager, introduce yourself, and tell them that you recently applied online and you’re really eager to work for Publix. Ask if they’ve had a chance to look at your application yet, and give them your resume and cover note.

Chasing your application this way puts you front and center in their mind when they get around to going through the applications they’ve received and should get you an interview quickly.

When you have your interview, one of the main things they will want to know is when you can work. The more flexible you can be, the better as far as they are concerned. If you don’t have other responsibilities limiting your hours, then go ahead and tell them that you are happy to work whatever hours they want you to. That you’ll cover weekends and school holidays, you’ll work early and late shifts, and you’ll come in at short notice.

Show some knowledge about the company. Remember Publix is a great company to work for and your entry-level job could turn into a long-term rewarding career.

So don’t merely say that you’re interested in working at Publix, show that you want to make Publix your career. You could mention that they haven’t laid off staff since the Great Depression era, that they’re an employee-owned business, that they’re a Fortune 500 company, and that they’re known and admired for their dedication to an excellent customer shopping experience.

With a felony on your record, you need to do more than other applicants. Show your knowledge about Publix and enthusiasm for the company, a desire to commit to them, a willingness to be flexible to meet their staffing needs, and gratitude for the interview opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Does Publix hire felons? Yes. Does Publix hire with any felony offense? No. They’ll look at your application and assess your skills, experience, availability, and attitude, and then take your felony into account.

If your felony isn’t one that they view as presenting a danger to staff, customers, or company property, then there’s a good chance they will hire you. Be honest on your application because their background check will find your felony.