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Does Michaels Drug Test?

As a job seeker interested in working for Michaels, the big question you need an answer to is, does Michaels drug test?

In this article, we’ll get you up to speed on drug testing at Michaels so you know what to expect at their retail stores and warehouses.

With workplace drug testing becoming more commonplace with every passing year, finding an employer that doesn’t drug test is often as tricky as finding that proverbial needle in a haystack.

Large retail chains usually ask applicants to pass a drug test, which can be a problem if you enjoy recreational drugs on a regular basis.

Does Michaels Drug Test Applicants For Entry-Level Retail Jobs?

Does Michaels Drug Test

Good news! You can go ahead and get started on your Michaels job application because Michaels doesn’t require a pre-employment drug test for entry-level staff.

When you apply to work at the arts and crafts retailer, no one is going to ask you to head to a clinic and pee in a cup.

You won’t have to abstain from your recreational activities, or cross your fingers and hope that a drug detox method will work out.

As long as you meet the hiring criteria for the role you’re interested in and pass Michael’s background check, you shouldn’t face any problems getting hired.

Michaels is a fairly relaxed place to work since they’re catering to the artistic community, and a retailer is a popular place for design students to pick up part-time hours.

The type of store positions available at Michaels include:

  • Cashier
  • Stocker
  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Framing associate

All of these positions involve helping customers choose their crafting supplies and giving advice, so you need to have a friendly attitude at all times.

Does Michaels Drug Test Hourly Pay Employees?

You won’t have to pass a drug test to get hired at a Michaels store, but are there any other situations you’ll need to be prepared for?

Does Michaels do random drug tests, or drug tests after a workplace accident, for example?

Again, Michaels is pretty good about not stepping into your personal life.

When you’re working your shift, your supervisor isn’t going to send you off for a drug test or call you into the back room for a quick saliva swab. At Michaels, there are no random drug tests.

The only time you might face a drug test at Michaels is after an accident.

This type of drug testing is called post-accident drug testing. Companies do post-accident drug tests to protect themselves from liability claims and lawsuits and to qualify for discounted insurance rates.

Even so, OSHA, the federal body charged with overseeing workplace safety in the United States, has some guidelines in place that employers should follow when it comes to administering post-accident drug tests.

To require a post-accident drug test, an employer should have reasonable grounds to suspect that drug use was a causal factor.

Falling off a ladder because you overreached while you were setting up new seasonal banners could be grounds for reasonable suspicion because impaired judgment could have been the reason you stretched too far.

But slipping on a wet floor where no wet floor sign was put in place wouldn’t be grounds for reasonable suspicion.

Because Michaels is an art, crafts, and decor store, you could need to climb ladders to hang banners or erect displays on a regular basis, so post-accident testing is something you should keep in mind.

And it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Don’t go to work while you’re high.

Does Michaels Drug Test For Distribution Center Positions?

Do Michaels Drug Test For Distribution Center Positions?

The job listings that we’ve looked at state that applicants will have to pass a drug test for Michaels distribution center jobs.

Passing a drug test is standard for warehouse roles with most companies because warehouses are dangerous places, and potential risk factors need to be kept as low as possible.

Drug testing for a Michaels warehouse job probably isn’t ideal from your point of view, but it helps to keep everyone safe.

While you wouldn’t show up for work still under the influence of a drug, other people might not be so thoughtful. A forklift driver not fully focused on their job could cause a lot of damage with one careless move.

As well as the initial pre-hire drug test, you should expect a drug test if you’re involved in an accident at work or appear to be impaired while you’re at work.

As we already mentioned, Michaels stores don’t drug test, so a retail position might work out better for you.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Michaels Do?

Responses from current and previous Michaels employees indicate that urine and saliva drug tests are carried out.

Since urine tests are normally used for post-accident drug tests, it’s safe to assume that you would be expected to take a urine test if you had an accident at a Michaels store or warehouse.

Michaels distribution appears to use saliva drug testing for their pre-hire screening of warehouse applicants.

Urine and saliva drug tests both screens for the same substances, but they have different detection windows.

Saliva Drug Tests

If you have to take a saliva drug test, the process is very straightforward.

A saliva sample is taken from your inner cheek, under your tongue, or around your gum line using a long Q-Tip type swab.

You’ll be asked to avoid eating or drinking anything for 10 minutes before giving your saliva sample. This is to stop you from making any last-minute attempt to adulterate your saliva with liquids or gum in an effort to cheat the drug test.

Those 10 minutes are usually spent under observation while you wait to give your sample.

Saliva samples can be checked in-house or sent away to a lab for analysis, and your sample will be checked for traces of the following drugs.

  • Marijuana (even in states where the drug is legal)
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamine and methamphetamine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

The detection window for these drugs in the saliva is fairly short-lived. With the exception of marijuana, a saliva screen can’t detect substances once 48 hours have passed since your last use. Occasional light marijuana use is also limited to 48 hours, but regular, heavy use of the drug can take longer to clear from your system.

Urine Drug Tests

Urine Drug Tests

Because urine drug tests aren’t an everyday occurrence at Michaels, it’s unlikely that your urine sample will be collected or analyzed in-house.

For post-accident testing, it’s important to make sure that a sample hasn’t been tampered with, so lab analysis is necessary.

Urine samples are usually collected at a local clinic where you’ll be directed to a bathroom to give your sample. After a staff member has checked your pockets and given you a quick once over to make sure you aren’t carrying a urine substitute, you’ll be handed a container for your urine.

Bathrooms for urine sample collection usually have blue dye in the toilet bowl and tank, so you can’t use that water to dilute the sample. The water at the washbasin is usually turned off too.

Once you’ve produced your sample, it is sent overnight to the lab where it’s checked for the presence of drugs and for signs of tampering.

These are the detection windows for a 5-panel urine drug screen.

  • Opiates – up to 4 days since last use
  • Cocaine – up to 4 days since last use
  • Amphetamine and methamphetamine – up to 4 days since last use
  • Phencyclidine (PCP) – up to 14 days since last use
  • Marijuana – up to 30 days (and longer with heavy use)

Applying For A Job At Michaels

Now you know that Michaels doesn’t drug test job applicants at their retail stores, you’re probably eager to get on and apply for a job.

Applying for a job at Michaels is easy. You can either apply through the jobs portal on their website, or you can pop into your local Michaels store and fill out an application.

The Michaels application is very basic. You’ll just need to fill in your name, age, address, and contact details. Then fill in your education history and note down any relevant skills you have.

List which hours you are available to work, and finally, check the box if you’ve got a criminal record.

You should hear back fairly quickly and be invited for an interview. If you applied in person, after a brief interview, the store manager could hire you on the spot pending a background check.

Michaels isn’t the highest paying retailer around, but the company culture and pleasant store environment make Michaels a good place to work.

And if you’re into crafts yourself, you get a useful employee discount as part of your benefits package.

Because you’ll get to carry out a range of duties at Michaels (whatever role you apply for) you’ll learn a lot, and the experience and skills you pick up will be great for your resume.

Summing Up

To get a job at a Michaels store, you shouldn’t need to take a drug test, and Michaels doesn’t currently carry out random drug tests.

Be aware, though, that if you have an accident at work, you could face a drug test. Testing positive would probably lead to the loss of your job and could put any worker’s comp you would otherwise be entitled to at risk.

If you’re applying to work at a Michaels distribution center, you’ll need to pass a saliva drug test. Should you be involved in a workplace accident, you may need to provide a urine sample for a post-accident drug test.