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Does Dollar Tree Drug Test?

Does Dollar Tree drug test? American consumers find Dollar Tree economical in more ways than one. Until just recently, the American multi-price-point discount store chain sold various brand products for $1.

Due to rising inflation, Dollar Tree increased its prices by $0.25, which many American consumers view as reasonable. With over 15,100 locations, Dollar Tree constantly looks for qualified job seekers who are interested in joining its workforce.

Does Dollar Tree Drug Test Employees in 2024?

Does Dollar Tree Drug Test Employees

Like most American retailers, Dollar Tree is questioning if pre-employment drug tests provide irrelevant and inaccurate information. They also deter qualified professionals and non-professionals from applying for employment.

Dollar Tree does not always conduct pre-employment drug tests for these very reasons. However, this only applies to store associates, not managerial positions.

Cashiers, stockers, sales floor associates, and customer service representatives may not be required to take a drug test. District manager, retail store manager, and assistant store manager positions do require a drug test.

People applying for a position in a Dollar Tree warehouse or distribution center may be required to undergo an employment drug screen.

What Drug Test Does Dollar Tree Use For Managerial Positions?

While the evidence is conflicting and limited, Dollar Tree purportedly utilizes a standard five-panel drug screen.

Most existing and former employees claim to have been asked to take an employment drug screen at the conclusion of the interview.

Of course, there is no evidence to support these claims as some workers reported being contacted several days after their interviews. So, both scenarios are possible.

A standard-five panel drug screen requires a urine sample. Dollar Tree recruiters are required by law to ask potential job candidates to authorize a drug screen.

In this case, the recruiter asks the individual if they would agree to a pre-employment drug screen. If the individual says yes, the recruiter will give her/him a Drug and Alcohol Test Consent Form.

The form must be signed before the recruiter provides an address to an authorized employment drug testing facility.

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How Do You Know When Dollar Tree Is Going Extend A Job Offer?

A pre-employment drug screen consent request is a good sign that the recruiter is going to extend a job offer. If you are asked to take a drug test at a local authorized laboratory, this is most likely a conditional job offer.

However, there is no guarantee that a negative drug test report will result in a job offer. Some individuals have reported taking a drug screen, with no job offer.

How Does Dollar Tree Handle Positive Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

Dollar Tree is required by law to report failed employee drug screens for some positions. This includes all CDL driving positions.

The company is not required to report failed tests of employees in non-managerial positions. This includes floor associates and stockers.

CDL-certified long-haul drivers who fail their pre-employment drug screen can expect some type of disciplinary action.

Dollar Tree is required to report failed drug screens to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration “FMCSA.”

What Happens When A Candidate Refuses A Pre-Employment Drug Test?

What Happens When A Candidate Refuses A Pre-Employment Drug tests?

They can expect to not receive a job offer, in many cases. Dollar Tree protects its company and employees by screening potential job candidates. The company strives to maintain a drug-free workplace across all markets.

Dollar Tree managers and co-worker managers oversee a team of floor associates. They are required to maintain a safe workplace and shopping environment for customers.

Managers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs are a major risk for Dollar Tree and its employees and customers.

A refusal to take a pre-employment drug test will probably disqualify the candidate from employment. It is not likely that Dollar Tree is going to give a job offer to someone who refuses to take a drug test.

This is a sure sign that the individual has something to hide. At least, this is what it appears to look like.

Does Dollar Require Qualified Job Candidates To Undergo A Background Check?

Yes, if a job candidate is considered qualified, they can expect to sign a pre-employment background check consent. If you have any concerns, this would be the perfect time to address them.

You can consult with the recruiter or speak to another recruiter. Whatever the case may be, it is recommended to address any issues before signing the background check authorization form.

Why Does Dollar Tree Conduct Pre-Employment Background Checks?

Like most American employers, Dollar Tree utilizes a pre-employment background check for various reasons. A background check gives the employer more credibility, resulting in a higher quality of hire.

Qualified, trustworthy job seekers are more likely to apply for a position with a company that does background checks than vice versa.

Dollar Store utilizes the pre-employment background check to reduce the risk of hiring someone of a violent nature. Workplace violence is a major growing concern for American employers and employees.

According to an Occupational Safety and Health Administration “OSHA” report, approximately 2 million workers in the United States are victims of violence in the workplace. Employers are responsible for protecting their employees and customers from being exposed to violence.

What Does Dollar Tree Do With Background Check Reports?

Dollar Tree recruiters generally handle all pre-background check reports. When the recruiter receives a background check report, they will utilize it to verify a candidate’s employment application and resume.

The employment application and resume provide the recruiter with a lot of information about a job candidate. It provides an overview of the candidate’s education, employment, criminal, and credit history. It also shows if the individual has any special training or certifications.

The recruiter may compare the information provided by the background check report with self-reported information. If any discrepancies are noted, the recruiter will address them via an in-person or phone meeting.

Most minor discrepancies are sometimes self-explanatory. Major discrepancies, on the other hand, must be addressed before the recruiter will extend a job offer.

Does Dollar Tree Hire Job Candidates With Criminal Convictions?

It depends on several factors – date of conviction, type of crime, and severity of the crime. Candidates, even if they are fully qualified, will not be considered for employment with a recent criminal conviction.

The company utilizes a pre-employment background check that goes back seven years. If the criminal conviction was handed down by a court five years from the date of the application, it will most likely be disqualification of employment.

Some violent convictions will go back much further than seven years. This applies to violent felony convictions.

Misdemeanors may not result in a disqualification of employment if the conviction was recorded within the past seven years. There is no guarantee that the recruiter will see it as unimportant.

Dollar Tree is open to hiring people with felony convictions. As previously mentioned, some criminal convictions automatically disqualify the candidate from employment.


Dollar Tree has thousands of employees across the United States. Working at Dollar Tree has been valuable for most of these workers. Store associates and managers enjoy their jobs.

They work together in teams to ensure the operational process goes smoothly day in and day out. If you have the qualifications to work as a store associate, warehouse selector, janitor, distribution center worker, store manager, or warehouse order filler, apply today.

People Also Ask;

How Accurate Are Cheap Drug Tests?

Evidence shows laboratory drug screens have an accuracy rating of 99 percent. However, the accuracy level depends on several factors. A laboratory worker’s skill level is just one example.

Over-the-counter and prescription medications can also alter the results of a drug test. Contamination can also reduce the accuracy of a pre-employment drug screen.

How Accurate Are At Home Drug Tests?

Home drug screens are 99 percent accurate when performed per the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the test is completed outside the “window of accuracy,” the results may not be 99 percent accurate.

What Is Detectable On A Drug test?

Alcohol, cannabis, methamphetamines, PCP, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines.

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